I have been reading this site for over 2 weeks, switched to a BP diet for a week and now doing the rapid protocol, started today. I am a woman looking to build a little muscle and lose a lot of fat, roughly 30-40 pounds. I have bounced from site to site, reading on leangains, body by science, etc...and I am so overwhelmed by all the info. Can I workout of the rapid weight loss protocol...or do I just chill out and see what happens? Can I do any cardio or should I at least lift once a week?

I also have been nursing my BPC even after 2, because my stomach is growling! Any helpful hints or pointers to help? The research is wearing me down mentally!


  • Thanks Jason, I needed a "slap in the face" so to say. I've decided to do the RPLP for at least two weeks, then switch to IF because I have a run I'm gonna need to train for. I'll focus on losing a little fat then switch to working out.
  • LMS - how did your rapid fat loss go? I'm trying iRFLP starting today, and have about 30 pounds to lose. Nothing else has worked, though the IF made me feel like a rockstar. Were you able to return to Intermittent fasting or just eating paleo without gaining all of your weight back?


    Jason - may I ask for some clarification on this: "Look good naked/no scale: weights + IF or RFLP w/proper protein intake". When you say proper protein intake, were you specifically referring to if she wanted to lift weight, she needed to add some protein, when doing the RFLP? I noticed that no protein should be consumed on this protocol, which made me concerned, but I understand that's pretty normal in ketogenic diets. Do you happen to know if not consuming protein will stress out the body at all? I want to be very careful to still nourish my body properly, but weight loss is a priority.


    Thanks guys! Really appreciate the help.

  • Jason - I appreciate your response and your perspective as well. 

  • @trailrunner87 sounds like we are in a similar situation-I also would like to lose about 30 lbs and I am a trail runner too! It is hard for me to prioritize losing weight versus training/running because I have to do both. Nothing seems to work for me. I was eating BP for several months but I would have several bingeing episodes during the holidays that really held me back (I am a food addict). BP coffee is the only thing that has curbed the cravings for me in a lifetime of overeating. I am trying to lose weight fast so I can fit into my summer clothes! Nothing fits.


    @Jason Miller I appreciate all that you offer on this site and value your posts but I don't know about trailrunner but there is nothing lazy about me and the RFLP holds appeal when you are desperate. Maybe I am just sensitive.

  • I came here from doing 4 Hour Body(4HB) and honestly I think it's a good thing.  If someone would have told me about BP 2 years ago I would have told them they were insane.  I think 4HB is much easier a thing to get into that BP.  Mind you I did not have that much weight to lose, but I have a relative who lost around 70 lbs at a good healthy, steady rate on 4HB.  I'd say try that for awhile and then take the plunge in BP when you are ready.  I am glad I did.

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