Nyc Bulletrproof Restaurant List

Any NYC Heads Please list Your go to spots.Thank You in advance



  • Actually, on 65th & 5th, there's a food cart vendor that has all grass fed beef/bison and such. Pretty awesome pricing too. I ran across it the other day, googled it while I was standing there and it was legit, hahahaha. It was called "Rouge Tomato Cart" or something

  • Nice You go to Bareburger?also HU kitchen on 5th right below 14 is pretty heavy Paleo with grass fed beef and even New zealand pasteured Venison

  • I know the guy that started Hu Kitchen, he's really cool. Great restaurant too, but of course a ltitle pricey. Is Bareburger the restaurant on 60th and 3rd next to bloomingdales? There's a place there that serves only grass fed hamburgers. They're good.

  • Eh, I am living out on long island now, so I just buy stuff from trader joes, wild by nature, and whole foods. Always cool to his up a good place that serves that stuff in the city though.

  • I live in queens ny. Since starting Bp diet in October I have not eaten out anywhere. I have eaten bare burger before. I feel why go eat there to throw bun and not eat fries. I know they have sweet potato fries but fried in what oil. I go to Long Island whole foods and trader joes to get eggs, bacon, Kerry gold butter, and produce. I order all meat from aldersprings on line.
  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    Eating out at restaurants is not really going to be bulletproof no matter what.

  • karenkaren "Say your 3 S's: Star, Smile, Strong!"

    Best coffee options in NYC anyone? Will be in town for a couple of days and debating on schlepping my bullet and kerrygold down with me and would love to get the next best coffee to homemade, if possible.

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