Working Out With A Cold

Do You think it's better to steer clear of intense exercise when sick or any exercise for that matter?


  • I hear that, so maybe exercise but not as intense?

  • I ALWAYS do my best not to train if i'm feeling anything isn't right (whether muscular, health/sickness, etc etc).  If i've learned one thing about these scenarios over the years, it's that it is completely foolish to try and work through your body's warning signs (signs aside from the typical, good, healthy 'burn'/exhaustion of a healthy, proper workout).  Going just a little bit past 'that line', and hitting the wall, can make you miss a lot of sessions, completely negating that one, half-assed workout you just had to squeeze in!

    Triathletes commonly say 'better to be a lot undertrained, than a little overtrained' ;D

  • Advice I got on the subject is: if it stresses you out more to not train than to train you should train.  That being said if your breathing is impaired how good of a workout can you get?

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    I think if you have to ask this question to a bunch of people on the internet then you should probably re-evaluate how seriously you're taking your training.  

    Why?  it's a very valid question, and advice like:


    Advice I got on the subject is: if it stresses you out more to not train than to train you should train.  

    is the kind of stuff that gets people overtrained/injured.  


    If you're training while sick, plz google 'active recovery' and try to focus your energies there if you must do more than dynamic stretching and whatnot.  Overtraining is no joke, and while you're body's recovering/healing itself it's foolish to try and train (aiming for progressive-overload adaptations which, obviously, are further recovery/healing you're trying to add on top of whatever illness you're fighting)


    and someone needs to correct the software here wherein I quote someone, submit my post, and their quote / my post are the same background color/indistinguishable..

  • It depends. Typically, I will get in the gym and go through my warm-up and go from there depending on how I feel.


    Most of the time, exercise makes me feel better.

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    ^it's sooo dependent on other stuff tho, yknow?  the severity of the illness, the intensity of the proposed exercise, and the base/fitness level of the subject, are of the utmost relevance here.

    Just like dave says about vits "when in doubt, go without"; that is a wise attitude towards training while sick (and I can promise you that the newb athletes are the ones who go ahead and train when they shouldn't, while the veterans are much more able to listen to their bodies and make smarter, long-term-oriented decisions)

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