Be Bulletproof, Start A Horrible Company?

Unfortunately, I didn't read all the rotten reviews about Asprey's products and service until after I let myself get ripped off by ordering some of his coffee.


If someone can't manage a company to the point of being able to mail shit out on time, should they be telling people how to live?


I am pretty sure offering 2-day shipping and taking money for it, knowing that you have no intent or capability of filling that order, is mail fraud.  I friggin hate the government, but what I hate more is self-righteous snake oil salesmen that get into business purley to rip people off.


Shame on anyone who buys anything from this guy.  If you've read this and place an order, you deserve to lose your money.



  • I've had some frustrations speaking to the Bulletproof organisation, and I wish I could get more timely responses from them but the balance of benefit is still waaaaaaay in my favour. Free podcasts, free infographics and free access to this community.


    I suspect the product side of things is having some pretty big teething problems that they're struggling to get over. I don't detect any attempt to con anyone. 

  • Numerous bad online reviews makes it clear that they have no ability to

    fill orders in a timely fashion, yet they still accept money for 2-day


    That's the definition of fraud: soliciting payment for

    something you have no intention of doing.

    No excuses: this guy goes around making believe he is some kind of superior being, and he can't even ship something on time?  What a horrible reverse endorsement: use my products and fail as a shipping clerk.

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    Be a dickhead, start a stupid thread.


    I dunno what avenues you've tried, and frankly, you're in the wrong section of the forums for me to give a shit either. I've worked for massive multinational manufacturing companies and they've experienced supply chain issues too - so it's easy for me to see how some dude selling coffee can struggle with an influx of customers.

    Normally, in the business world, people carrying on like silly children. This attitude is reserved for members of the general public, typically online, that don't have a fear of losing their job or something, so they behave like their true selves.  

    No sorcery, just science. 

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    Didn't this thread get closed? Bloody hell man, you had a bad experience with some postage. Get over it.

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