This has been on my mind quite a lot lately, and I figured this is as good a message board as any!


For purposes of discussion, what're thoughts investment in the marijuana industry?  Should we be investing in Phillies/ZigZags, Pfizer or Monsanto?  Should we be pulling money out of Budweiser, or shuttering our trendy new micro-breweries?


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    As far as I know there are existing medicinal marijuana companies that are already publicly traded. I guess they might grow a lot (pun intended) if it became more legalised!
  • i almost see that type of approach as being quite risky.  I think rolling papers, or grow lights, are a FAR better bet than anything that is 100% tied to however FDA/gov/dea/etc are gonna handle this (in 15yrs, will the country acknowledge legal mj?  medical mj?  W/o knowing how this will settle into its 'long-term' role i think tryinng to back pharma (or budweiser) approaches would be quite risky.  

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    Dennis Mckenna said, "the plants always win." Its just not going to be illegal in 15 years. Marijuana being illegal will be looked back upon as like a blimp in human history, a hiccup. But i agree, the risky part is that the fda can shut down these groweries whenever they want. Grow lights sounds like a great idea, they are only going to get more and more popular especially with the younger generation growing up if you know what i mean.

  • ^exactly!  I guess I feel like if there's any industry-standards for grow lights, they'd be awesome to hop onto (although iirc, a lot of the hihg-production setups are standard sodium and (what's the yellower lamp?)  high power lamps that're made by standard electrical co's - these co's probably won't experience significant growth due to those products)

    LED lamps were becoming the rage when i was getting out of the area...i don't know how popular they are now, but they throw more lumens/watt, and run cooler per lumen than the industry standards (and you'd have specific wavelenghts from specific LED bulbs, which is very important because growing and flowering marijuana responds to different wavelengths with different efficiencies)


    There's an industry-standard of sorts for hydroponic nutrient liquids, i imagine their stock will explode regardless of the how's of mmj becoming mainstream (whether plants in the hands of common-man, or an fda/monsanto co-op!)

  • Keep in mind that once it is legal it will not be very economical (not to mention eco-friendly) to grow indoors. How many indoor-grown vegetables do you see at the grocery store? And even when you do come across them they look nice but the flavor tends to be lacking and somewhat artificial. When produce is out of season we just bring it in from warmer climates rather than use indoor-grown. 


    You don't hear foodies raving over indoor-grown produce.


    Sure, you can up the potency, but with alcohol most folks drink beer, many drink wine, fewer drink liquor and only rarely do folks get into the 151+ proof territory. Folks prefer more mellow and better-tasting when alcohol is not scarce; they want to take their time and enjoy the sensory experience, not do shots of 190 proof neutral grain spirits. During prohibition liquor ruled because folks had to hide it and transport it on the sly and drink it on the sly and so forth--the more potent the better for all of those reasons. Now, not so much.

  • That may be fine for beverages, but boutique marijuana and 'hobbyist'-level grows would surely be popular for the a while if for nothing more than novelty.  If we're talking legal-recreational, the 18-35 demographic will be the new houseplant culture.  who wouldn't want to have a pot plant indoors even just the smell!

  • I like your thinking.

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  • Move somewhere where it's legal and start growing it.  I have the option of going to a grow op in Colorado and am definitely considering it.  Even the people trimming the weed get $20/hr.  Think of owning an operation! There will be a lot of legitimate millionaire pot growers in a couple of years.

  • Yeah, marijuana probably becomes legal, too much of a hassle to bother, really, unless someone invents levitating cars for 25$,,, but what about electricity? Carbon tax, anyone? Would be quite depressing to install your three-storey plantation, only to find the smart meters are shutting off your juice, once you're over the "house and a half-limit".

  • Renting property to growers $$$$ you don't do anything. Be careful who your tenants are though. Also companies that make butane recyclers, other hash oil accessories. Slick mat is doing great. Reinvented the commercial silpat into every dabblers home. Maybe invest in a lab that provides schooling like baking/lotion making classes
  • You could open a farm that grows weed, combined with a mountain biking in CO.  Dale Catcheis from Oskar Blues Brewery is opening a hotel/craft beer spot/beer place in North Carolina. 

  • In colorado they actually sell pot brownies at Rockies games now, only until the 4th inning though.

  • In colorado they actually sell pot brownies at Rockies games now, only until the 4th inning though.


    $7 for a beer. I don't even want to know how much pot brownies are at a baseball stadium.

  • Word.

    Go, Halos.

    $7 for a beer. I don't even want to know how much pot brownies are at a baseball stadium.
  • stadium is privately owned and i imagine licensed for such sales.
  • oh, marijuana?


    I could throw some depressing numbers at you based on the actual size of the market in most states, but that's only for the most shortsighted of people.


    How society will benefit from better marijuana policy is not so simple as "we will get this much in business and this much from taxes.."

    You've got to factor in things like how marijuana-smokers actually shrink the economy by sitting around doing that. Most high-gov. people understand this, Jerry Brown in CA understands this. You might collect x amount of dollars selling pot to people, but you're going to lose that much more because a stoned population just isn't going to be as interested in consumption.

    And honestly: we need all that. The internet has made almost everyone's job obsolete. Robots are quickly filling up a lot of the workplaces that remain. It's time for the economy to shrink from the time it peaked.


    But what about the next 15 years that activists have been saying pot will be legal by for the last fifty years?

    Medical Marijuana.

    That's 1% of the state paying ten or fifteen dollars a day to stay a little more comfortable than they otherwise would be. Some of them will buy a lot more and sell it to their people so they can afford to have their own medicine, some will just buy what they need out of their pension or whatever. It ain't a whole lot of money on the surface, it's just sick people who can barely afford it, but few people realize how finite this market really is, or how immoral it is to exploit it.


    SO how do we get a bunch of money off pot?

    Savings in health care costs.

    Govs spend more on health care than anything else. We get very little out of it. Medical Marijuana raises the standard of care/comfort considerably, for far less than commercial medicine does. People who are in the hospital today could be smoking pot at home tomorrow. Billions could fall from the health budget...

    And from the economy. 

    Millions dropped from law enforcement and prison maintenance... 

    And from the economy. 

    I'm not so sure that there's any money in pot. I see it as a place that money goes to die, it's a good way to shrink the economy and allow people to be happier with less...

    This is not a simple example of an "exciting new market," marijuana is disruptive. It will have a balancing effect on many things, only a handful of which we can predict from here.

  • your post reminds me of Robert Anton Wilson's Schroedinger's Cat Trilogy. its been a decade or so but i remember one of the alternate universes where people get a lifetime income if they invent a robot to replace their job. mother nature may have already done that for most of the health care industry, we just need to let it happen! 

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  • I'm not so sure that there's any money in pot. I see it as a place that money goes to die, it's a good way to shrink the economy and allow people to be happier with less...


    QFT - Seth you continually drop knowledge bombs in all the cannabis threads, much obliged.

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  • I'm not so sure that there's any money in pot. I see it as a place that money goes to die, it's a good way to shrink the economy and allow people to be happier with less...


    QFT - Seth you continually drop knowledge bombs in all the cannabis threads, much obliged.

    I had to look up "Quoted for Truth."

    Thanks. I'm talking about starting to host classes on this.

    I'm already giving away the stories for free, though:

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    I'm feeling like johnnymcjohnson only thinks these things exist to serve marijuana. Grow lights? Hydroponic nutrients? Those markets exist to serve the vast array of indoor grows of any type of plant, not just marijuana. So then marijuana-related grows only comprises a portion of the reason for their sales, meaning growth in the marijuana industry only proportionally impact the companies who make those products.


    And as someone said, there is a good chance grows will move outdoors should marijuana become fully-legal or at least increase in legality. So you will see a shift from the need from the need for hydroponic equipment to outdoor cultivation equipment, thus making your investment in indoor grow equipment rather stagnant.


    You even brought up people wanting to grow a plant indoors if it becomes legal. If they're growing indoors (you even bring up the smell!) this means they are not using hydroponic grow equipment, especially if they can smell it, because that means they are not using carbon filters, grow boxes, etc. No increase in hydroponic equipment there, and it's unwise to invest in an entire industry for the sake of temporary "novelty" should some people want to try out hydroponic grows once it's legal in their area, as there may be a spike in equipment sales, sure, but this will quickly fall off as people are happy with their grow experience and want to move on past the fad.


    So you could invest in paraphernalia companies, sure. Such items will always be needed to use marijuana no matter how it's grown (with the exception of edibles, but this is a smaller market and thus a lower proportional impact), and they could see large increases in bulk orders or contracts with other companies as commercial sales grow and demand for supplies increases.

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