Teeth Root Regeneration (From Teenage Braces)

I had braces at age 13. Ever since 17 or 18, I've had x-rays that show that my roots have gotten shorter than before, due to Root Resorption aka Root Blunting. The Dentist says this is usually caused by Braces, and is the body's immune response to eat it's own roots shorter.

The Problem is, with shorter roots, tooth are less durable and more likely to get knocked out or fall out. I don't think anybody wants to have their teeth missing like those poorer folks who haven't taken care of themselves. I know everyone wants to keep the teeth God gave them forever or as long as possible.

Losing your teeth is much, much much worse than male pattern baldness image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

What kinds of things could help the roots of the teeth regenerate/heal regrow longer and stronger? I know brain cells have been found to regenerate themselves too.


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