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Hello all,


After floundering around with Primal at MDA (eat MOAR fat) and ketosis low carb ... I've stumbled over here. I'm female, 31, 5'11 and no idea whatsoever of weight, maybe 170? I never weigh myself, I just measure and I've added on about 3 inches of fat on my hips/butt and thighs each - from where I look good naked. Right now I don't, and I want to again. I'm otherwise pretty darn healthy. Single parent, not great sleep, always tired, love my coffee, and LOVE BP coffee.


So this is my 4th day eating BP style with the coffee in the morning, generally around 6:30/7:00 and I have about 24oz. total with coconut oil and as close to grass fed butter as I have found. Averaging about 5 or 6tbsp of coconut oil spread amongst the cups of coffee, and sometimes add a bit of butter. 


This keeps me even keeled and energetic until around 1 or 2pm. It's at this time that I become a ravenous, bottomless pit. I eat and eat and eat and eat. I stop by 7 or 8pm at the latest. 


I eat eggs, beef, this awesome local pastured pork, wild salmon, coconut oil/butter, lots of salad greens, cucumber, celery, raddichio, cilantro, spinach, kale, broccoli, a few raw nuts for crunch - That's been what I've been eating the past 4 days.


I ran into similar over-eating before Christmas, I was eating similar, high fat moderate protein a la Primal-MDA and was starting to gain fat from the extent of overeating. It's like my appetite on/off switch is broken..But I am eating a LOT of calories. And no amount of meat seems to satiate me, nor fat. What's up? Is this a transition or something?


I want to keep the muscle I've put on over the past year and a half - I can sort of pull/stretch the fat off to the side of my arm and see my bulging muscles underneath.. and I have the beginnings of ab visibility and a narrow waist... I seem superficial and such but I do NOT look good on the bottom half. A lot of jiggle, visible cellulite and excess fat and no muscle tone etc. 


I am kind of freaking out that I am eating easily 2200 - 2500 calories, probably more today, with all this coconut oil and meat and stuff. However, it's been 4 days :) Patience right?


I was kind of hoping for miraculous results like dropping 2 inches of fat in a few weeks. 


I am exercising, trying to ramp that up a bit to increase my metabolic rate or whatever and keep those muscles grooving. 


Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back with more questions soon enough.


I know the general BP IF 'diet' says don't count calories, just listen to your body... I'm wondering what if said body is giving all sorts of crazy signals, like eat eat eat eat eat, despite having just finished 1000 calories or more of food!



  • I don't know what you were eating before 4 days ago, but for most of your life you have probably trained your body to 'think' that carbohydrates / glucose are the fuel it needs. If you don't give it carbs/glucose every few hours, your body will think you are starving and you will be compelled to stuff yourself (and fat will be stored where you don't want it).


    it took 2 unpleasant months before my system realised that it could burn fat as fuel.

    Maybe you should work into BP gradually (if you were eating a lot of carbs / protein before)? 


    Also, MCT oil is way better than coconut oil, and for me, really smoothed the road to fat burning. 

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    How much butter etc do you put in your BPC? 

    How much fat are you including once you start eating?

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    Since October 2012 I have been eating under 120g carbs per day and trying to find a balance of fat and protein - Before that I was VERY high carb VERY low fat eating vegan. So it's only a few months of animal products back in my body.


    Example meal : 250g ground beef (label states 20g fat per 100g, 22g protein per 100g) cooked with spinach, 1/3 C full fat coconut milk and spices  OR  4 eggs cooked in heaping spoonful of coconut oil and veg like raddichio and broccoli sauteed up with 1 or 2 tbsp butter. 


    Yesterday I had 2 1/2 mugs of coffee, each with 2tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter blended in - I might try more butter until I get some MCT oil. I saw some the other day in the grocery store (!) but I don't know if the brand is any good or not. I'll have to look into it.


    *seems* like enough fat to me.... It'll probably take me a bit more reading and practicing to get it. 


    I was craving chicken breast all day, but I know that's not optimal bulletproof. But the lean protein there keeps me full way longer than all this fat. I just don't want to go too low calorie and end up gaining back a bunch of fat later...

  • Does anybody extend the fast until say 4pm with more BP tea or coffee? I love how I feel on just the BPcoffee/tea... I might see how it goes tomorrow, making a chai tea bulletproof around noon or 1 or whenever I start to feel hungry. 


    It just feels like stuffing myself with upwards of 2500 calories in 3 hours isn't that good for my body... 

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    If you are IF'ing and eating all green side foods you shouldn't have to worry too much about calories. I don't see what the problem is?


    I'm not sure why you think lean chicken breast will make you more full because it is lacking fat. Eating fat causes a release of cholecystokinin from the stomach that sends signals to your brain that you are satiated. 


    For me personally the Upgraded MCT was kind of the crucial component to my primal diet that allowed me to add and delete body fat. I also didn't start with IF. I think it probably takes a little while to get adjusted to this and once your body is lined with healthy fats you won't be hungry. I do IF most of the time now because it feels like the healthiest choice. 


    For me I used to have paranoia that being hungry was somehow really bad for my metabolism so I wouldn't go more than 2 hours without meals. It took a lot of meditation in fasted states to get over this. It's pretty exciting the kind of emotional control this diet will give you.

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    From my experience, which is somewhat limited, I have noticed that women just can't eat like men and expect the same results.


    I have read some good articles on related to the diet of an athletic woman.  They are interesting but they usually are not bulletproof - but it does give you an idea of what to shoot for.


    There was a recent post, here is the link:




    I realize you may not be going for bikini body but the information in these posts might just give you the framework you need to start with since these women eat very low carb with refeeds.  They also lift heavy and avoid cardio.


    If I were you I would use something similar.  Maybe add more or less of what you like to satiety.


    They talk about carb nite or carb backloading on DH and all that is cyclical ketogenic diets with the backloading and carb nites being your refeeds.

  • Thanks for those links I will give them a read over. I actually would love to have a slammin' bikini body again. I'm 31 and lost myself a bit the past few years, but I think why not now get into the best shape of my life?? 


    I've begun strength training, am very intimidated by lifting heavy though, don't know quite where to begin with that. 


    On my 5th day I had a carb night thing.. my body was feeling so weak .. I felt pretty rough afterwards and the next morning though. It will most likely take personal tweaking to figure out. 


    I think what happened was as the days went by and all the glycogen stores from my high carb disappeared I felt hungier because my body isn't adapted to this way of eating enough yet. 


    Yesterday, day after carb night, I ate around 2300 calories, more fat than protein and about 75g carbs. Today I'll get the carbs way lower. I had a ton of cashews yesterday. I need more meat in the house. 


    Perhaps another factor in my situation is that I still nurse 2x day my child, so hormone things must be at play as well. 


    I definitely want to lose a lot of body fat and might be limited while still nursing a kid ---- 


    Oh, the Bulletproof IF thing with the coffee etc. I read somewhere if you are wanting to lose fat to skip that? What's the deal there? Try to IF on black coffee alone? I can do it some days, but I was starting to really enjoy the taste of those BP coffees.

  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    Hmm, the fact that you are nursing is important.  I know your nutrition while nursing is crucial but unfortunately I can't offer advice on this.

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