Afternoon Tiredness

I'm posting this because i'm past knowing what on earth i'm missing or doing wrong, so hopefully someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

A quick background:

August 2010 I weighed 97lb at 6ft 1 after 5 years with an eating disorder, and over the last 20 months i've gone up to 185lbs, and am at 11-12% bodyfat.

Been eating this way for 3 years, and I am very tight on my diet. Likewise with sleep, always 8-10 hours with no issues either getting to or staying alseep.

Train 5 days per week, weights only - bodybuilding style training.

In january I began an anabolic-esque diet which has improved my energy and has allowed me to gain some more weight whilst staying pretty lean (I never enjoyed eating carbohydrate nor felt all that good on thems, and I dont know that my tolerance was particularly high as they would make me drowsy).

Now my question. I find that at 2-3pm I really need a sleep, despite having plenty of sleep during the night. An hour's nap doesnt affect the sleep of the following night and i'm generally still in bed by 9pm.

I remember having this when I was starting out and was very underweight, then it stopped for a while and over the past few weeks it's come back.

I've had a number of ideas of what it could be:

- liver toxicity ( even tough I dont drink or take any precription drugs) so I might benefit from calcium d-glucarate

-some kind of deficiency (there are a million possibilities there although i'd say I should be getting msot of what I need from my diet and supplementation

-some kind of adrenal thing (although I always believed that this would cause the 'tired and wired' state rather than this dip in the afternoon)

If anyone could shed any light on why this is happening i'd be really grateful.
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