Training Regimen And Timing Your Diet(Fasting) With Workouts

Timing training with diet

Waking up in the morning : bp coffee and supplements. ( i put a scoop of 25g of protein in my coffee) Sometimes il take a veggie blend shake 1-2 hours afterto crank my nutrients and get me going for my training to come. From when i wake up until myfirst meal (in the window of eating with the fasting) is when i should do most of my training. Being a jiu-jitsu guy i train alot on evening around 7 or 8 pm, so it can be tricky to time my eating window well. I will do most of my cardio in that non-eating phase along with my weight training, (when i hit the weights some people may grimm to the fact that i dont eat before, but i do have my creatine before and hit my frat meal after) then eat a big meal (my main meal of the day) around 2-3pm then eat a little bit (like a veggie protein shake) 2 hours before i go to jiu-jitsu, to get an energy boost. After jiujitsu, since the window is now closed and its around 9:30pm, il have a recovery drink and get a little bit of fat and a blend of cabs/protein to close the day. Am i an expert ? Not at all :P but i found that this schedule is very beneficial for me and i havent had energy crash or injuries. I would like your opinion and input on my way of doing things and if i can improve it!


  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    If you feel great and it is something you can adhere to regularly than it probably needs little in the way of improvement.  You may not be a nutritional science expert but you are the only expert of your own body.

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