Is It Okay To Eat Nuts Everyday?

I have been eating about 10 raw macadamia nuts everyday as a snack a few hours before bed. I don't feel any adverse effects and think macadamias are probably the best nut to consume since it is almost all fat (with low O6) and very little phytic acid. Still is it acceptable to eat this everyday is the issue of mold significant?

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  • I sure hope so because I add them to my special salad each day for lunch (raw walnuts) and I also snack on almonds in between my first feed and second feed if I get hungry.

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    Brazil nuts have 2550mcg of selenium per serving.  I went for a time pre-bp where I ate hand fulls of them everyday. I'm pretty sure that is too much..Apparently that much selenium can make your hair brittle and I'm pretty sure I experienced least compared to the way my hair feels now. I eat one or two per day now and don't supplement selenium.


    I eat at least a hand full out of a customized bp ratio'd  nut mix every day.

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    yea, I don't think I'm going to buy any next trip to the grocery...just macadamias, cashews, walnuts, and a small bag of almonds.

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    The walnuts are high in choline, taste good, but I still include them at a much smaller amount compared to macadamia and cashew if I'm making a mixture because of the inflammatory markers. 

  • They are green but feels like it promotes snacking.
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