Glycerol Vs Mct

From what I understand, the biggest advantage MCT has is that it's absorbed very fast - as fast as carbs - so it increases metabolism and doesn't get stored. This happens, again, from what I understand, because the body transforms MCT to glycerol easily and in a different process then other oils. So why not just take Glycerol?

I searched around and didn't find anything on this site and even not much info on google.


I will be very happy to understand this better :)


  • I’m not sure where you got your information from but it isn’t that accurate.


    MCT is medium long fats. Fats can be short, medium or long chain. Usually when someone refers to just fat it is long fats they mean.


    The short and medium chain fat has easier transport mechanism in the cell (they don’t need Acetyl-L-Carnitine to pass through the mitochondira membrane). Also, most fat stored are long chain so the short and medium chain is mainly used for fuel and not for storage.


    Each fat consist of three fatty acids and one glycerol that serve as the backbone. The glycerol has very different properties from the fatty acids. It is more similar to sugar than fat. And it can be converted to sugar in the body. This is not possible with fatty acids. If you want to go on a ketogenic diet glycerol is not such a good idea. On top of that glycerol, and this is a citate from the warning label of a low carb bar, “may cause anal leakage”. A lot of low carb products are actually pumped up with glycerol and other sugar alcohols (so are your car window washing fluid as well but we don’t eat that) so they can claim low carb. True but since the body can make carbs of the modified sugar you are fooling yourself (or they fool you depending on how you see on it).

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  • Thank you for the information :)

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