Custard - Marbled!

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Okay, my custards are getting so sick (as in good) it's crazy... and it's time I shared some step-by-step instructions with you good people. By the way, I wrote a lot here, but it is a quick dish to prepare:


You need/food:


Coconut Milk - 1.5 cans - I like room temp

Butter -about 1/2 stick - I like room temp

Eggs - 5 large ones - I like room temp - if you have some extra fresh yolks around, add them!

Sweetner - I mix a few up together - stevia, xylitol & malitol - to taste - depends on your sweet tooth.

Himalayan sea salt-  - to taste - I use maybe 1/4 tsp?

Nutmeg- You will dust the top of the custards with this- freshly grated of course

Base Flavor - I always use BP vanilla - to taste - 1-2 espresso spoons?

Secondary Flavor - This is optional, and this is also where my creation gets really exciting. You use BP chocolate powder here (or for super-caffeine-sensitive people like me, a mix of primarily organic carob powder with some BP chocolate powder)


You need/tools:


2 pots

Soup Ladle (not necessary but sure helps)

Un-serrrated sharp knife

Timer (need this!)

Small grater for your nutmeg

1 medium to large oven dish ( w/standard sides maybe 2-3 inches high)

Whisk or Electric hand blender (I have done it both ways, whisk is okay)

Oven safe containers for the custard - I use 6 - either ramekins, pyrex custard bowls, or coffee mugs in a pinch. Also you can use one big oven safe container instead, like a medium sized pyrex or corningware dish, as long as it can fit inside your oven dish in a bath of water going halfway up the side of the inner dish.




• Preheat oven to 325

• In one pot, heat some tap water - for the "bath" for the custard containers later. Turn it off when it boils.

• In the other pot warm up 1.5 cans coconut milk till it's about to simmer, then turn it off.

• Add the butter.

• Whisk or hand-blend the mixture and add the eggs slowly, while blending/whisking. Don't make it too frothy or the marbling won't work well.

• Add salt, sweetner, and vanilla to taste.


• For vanilla custard - pour the mixture into the containers, top with nutmeg, then see below for instructions on "bath" and cook time.

• For chocolate custard - add chocolate, pour into the containers, then see below for instructions on "bath" and cook time.


• Pour about one ladle into each of your 6 containers, they will be about 20% filled. If using one larger custard dish, fill it about 20%

• Grate some nutmeg on top

• Add to your pot of remaining mixture the secondary flavor, at least 2 rounded tablespoons, then, add more to taste until it's right. I encourage you to take your time with this part... if the flavor is not strong enough then the custard is not going to be great... but too strong is gross, so add a teaspoon or so more at a time, then blend, taste, add more.... maybe adding more salt... you will find an ah-ha moment when all of a sudden the chocolatey flavor tastes loads better and comes across with a bit of a bite.

• Pour the mixture equally into your same containers with the ladle....  Pour SLOWLY so there will be marbling!!!

• Place the containers inside the oven dish, and fill the dish with the hot tap water, making a "bath" for the custard bowls that goes about halfway up the sides of the bowls.

• Set timer for 40 mins.

• When buzzes, check custard with your knife, if it comes out clean it is done. If it's not done yet, keep going but set timer again for 5-10 mins - don't let it overcook. It can be good if you cook it a bit too long, but it's great if you cook it just right.

• Let set about 10 mins, serve warm or chilled. It's nice for breakfast, too.


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