Morning After Carb Face Plant... Fast?

Really new here - Saturday was 1 week and I was so pleased with the way I was feeling and then today...  :???:  I don't know.  I was RAVENOUS. It ended poorly.


I started as usual with 1/2 L of water and then made my BP coffee. Instead of going along swimmingly without hunger until noon or 1pm ish, I was obsessed with food by 10am. I ate some coconut oil, thinking, that helped get me through between meals all week. After like 3 tbsp I thought geez just eat. 


It became a high fat, high carb nightmare. 


Tomorrow - with all these carbs and sugars in me, is it better to just get up and do the same routine as before - BP coffee with lots of fat and IF til the afternoon OR try to fast without the fats? I guess my concern is the mix of high fat and high sugary-carb crap today, and then high fat right away in the morning... 


Ok, I also know I'm not going to gain a ton from one day  :cool:


I do wonder what happened that I got so insanely food-crazed. Is that just a new-to-low-carb thing that I will get over? Should I be limiting my carbs MORE perhaps? I've read that if you lower them <30g for example, it can help get past the cravings? I've been around 60-70g.


Also, maybe I'm eating TOO much fat? It seems to make me feel more hungry than say, a lotta lotta protein.


THanks, I'm finding this forum invaluable as I continue to try and figure out what will work for me



  • More butter - done.


    I'm also going to do up a thermos and spread the coffee out through the morning more.. past few days I have been drinking it all within the first 2 hours of being up and then only water... Thanks

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