Is this worth trying out? I don't have a doctor lined up for Modafinil, so I'm curious about Adrafinil:

Adrafinil is a prodrug; it is primarily metabolizedin vivo to modafinil, resulting in nearly identicalpharmacological effects



  • Dumb question: It's already been answered in one of the podcasts (#10). So, 1) it's not very effective and 2) hard on liver. France recently took it off the market as well.
  • I think it is a good question. I tried adrafinil 4 years ago. I found that it allowed me to feel awake for a long time, but didn't boost my IQ or creativity. But as Clay said, it is hard on the liver, so it should really be off the table.
  • Is Adrafinil supposed to boost IQ or creativity?  I hadn't heard those claims.  Wakefulness and greater focus? Yes.  But, it is an anti-narcoleptic treatment for God's sake.  


    For me, it vastly improves focus and wakefulness without the side effects of stimulants.  Whether I choose to use that time playing video games or learning a new language, the drug is just a tool; not an outcome.  There have been many claims here, and elsewhere, about it being "hard on the liver".  I take these claims with a grain of salt.  The dose makes the poison and everyone's physiology is different.  If you have concerns, test your liver enzymes to determine the effects it has on YOU.    


    You know what else is "hard on the liver"? Beer.  

  • Ive taken all different forms well into 30-50 times.    (adrafinil, modafinil, nuvigil) 


    Adrafinil. compared to wakealert or armodafinil is very clean. (pure)   less side effects than the the indian pharmacy knock off brands.

      I like adrafinil ,  works great to be alert and get things done.    Use it wisely though..    like once every other week of even once a month. 


    I personally gave up all modafinl and adrafinil.    It became a dependent thing for me and i was burned out on all brands.  

    Now its just good'all Alpha brain and phenylpiracetam and im quite satisfied .    :cool: 


  • I have a full bottle of this stuff. Used it one time and stopped because of the liver issue. I went with Modup site they have modafinil and easy to order. 



    Good luck

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