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This is probably my favorite subject to explore. First off, I think the BP diet or any well balanced diet in general is a good way to expand consciousness. So far it has done a lot of good for me. There are also many others practices that I utilize to go even further, and I'm sure that many of you could make valuable contributions to this discussion or maybe learn something from it.


First of all, some of the things I'm going to talk about could be considered "psuedo-science" or "hippie pyschobabble". You've been warned. If you don't agree with some of things you read in this thread or become offended by them (I don't know why people would) then please try to realize that this isn't a thread for arguing. It's for like minded people to share ideas and evolve.


That said, first and foremost the most important thing for me has been meditation. I believe this is the cornerstone of all ways to explore consciousness. I started doing this several years ago. I expected instant results from it but what I got was something different. Meditating did help alleviate some anxiety and depression and it does help center you for the day, but the major benefits, at least for me, are experienced in the long run. Because of meditation, I slowly started to explore more ways to evolve myself. I started reading, eating healthier, exercising, practicing yoga, became more compassionate and self aware, etc etc. And all of this was happening without me realizing why. Then I looked back and asked myself "what changed?" What was the variable that catapulted me into this direction. Then of course I realized it was the meditation. I would be a very different person if it weren't for this practice.


I've dabbled with a lot of practices over time and finally settled on the technique described by Yogani in his short-yet-effective 100 page book called "Deep Meditation". You can probably find the PDF online. In your mind you recite the mantra "I AM" over and over. Don't think about what the words mean, just recite them, as if you're saying "AYE AUM". I focus on the "I" during my inhalation and the "Am" on the exhale, though this is just what works best for me and he never says that that is how it should be done. One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is to be calm about it. Every time you catch yourself thinking about something else besides the mantra, calmly bring yourself back. Calmly recite it. Calmly disregard any anxieties. Even if you are unable to stay on the mantra for long, remain calm about it and do your best. If you only focus on the mantra for 2 minutes out of a 10 minute session, that is OK. That is still progress and will do you good. Forcing yourself back to the mantra or to stay focused isn't the best way to go about it. Be calm. You will get better with time, but it takes dedication and for most it takes years (possible decades) of practice. I suggest reading more into it if you are interested. There are many practices and this might not be the best for you. I've had some success with "Guided Meditations", which can be found on various podcast sites and youtube, though I don't think they are necessarily for me.


Yoga and Pranayama are also two other important techniques that expand consciousness and are very natural. I've felt quite euphoric after doing these, though that euphoria isn't necessarily consistent. I still heavily recommend them regardless. My body is becoming more lucid and these, combined with meditation, pack a good punch on my anxiety. There are many different forms. My yoga sessions are mostly based on a 30 minute Hatha session that I found on youtube. It has been quite effective. Pranayama is the art of conscious breath control. There are many different ways to do it. My two favorites are spinal breathing and the breath of fire. Spinal Breathing is simple. Take long, deep breaths. Take them as slowly as you possibly can while still remaining comfortable for the most part. I do this for 7 minutes. I also precede this with 3 minutes of deep breathing except I will do it through one nostril at a time, alternating with each breath. This centers your prana. The breath of fire (a form of holotropic breathwork, something Dave has recommended) consists of taking deep, fast breaths filling only the top of your longs, as if you were hyperventilating. I do this for 3 minutes but I started with 1. It helps to oxidize your blood and releases cerebral fluids from your spin into your brain.There are lots of videos and information available out there so be sure to check it all out before you begin if you haven't already. Yogani has also written books on these subjects and they too are short and effective.


Lucid Dreaming is also quite fascinating. I have had a wide variety of experience with this. It can be used to flex the capabilities of your mind and to interact directly with your subconscious. To flex your mind, slowly explore all the possibilities of lucid dreaming. Start small, by telekinetically moving simple objects or flying. Then work your way up from there. Literally anything is possible. You can talk to someone who has died, change the scene on a dime, induce a DMT trip, become two different people at once, have 360 vision, etc etc. I plan on visiting the Giza Pyramid in my next lucid dream and summoning Horus. Then I want to visit the star Sirius A. You can also ask dream characters questions about yourself or what they represent and you will receive interesting answers.Usually, dream characters don't like to admit that they are dream characters, so you have to prove that it is a dream to them with reality checks.


Reality checks are a great way to become lucid. Throughout the day, perform reality checks every now and then to see if you're dreaming. Even though you know you're awake, if you do them enough you'll start doing them in your dreams. My three favorites are: checking clocks to see if they work correctly and are consistent, flipping light switches and reading small text. These three things don't work very well in a dream, so when you notice that they aren't working, BAM, you'll become lucid. It's always best to do more than one.


Writing your dreams down is also a good idea. I record my dreams with a voice recorder at night then write them down when I wake up. I also from time to time write down what my dream goals are. The stop drop and roll technique is also a good method for inducing a lucid dream, but I feel like there is too much information involved to touch on here. There is a good lucid dreaming series on youtube called lucidology 101 ( note that some parts are missing, but if you search the internet for them you can find them). It covers both lucid dreams and OBE's, which are very similar. There are other methods discussed as well. Websites such as www.lucidity.com and www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com are pretty useful too, as is a basic google search. I read a book called "The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep" which helped a lot and I highly recommend it if it sounds like your cup of tea. I also highly enjoy the movie "Waking Life" which is an animated fictional story about lucid dreaming and philosophy.


Psychedelic Drugs are a favorite among seekers. My personal favorite is Salvia Divinorum, which is legal in most states. I am also among the 5% of people that I've met who actually enjoy it. But in my opinion most people do it wrong. Just look at any of the videos on youtube. People freak out and do the weirdest shit, and I'm not going to lie, it is a very strange drug. But it can also be captivating. I always smoke it after doing some of my other practices like yoga and meditation. I lie down in my bed, usually in dim lighting, close my eyes and listen to some psychedelic music. Then I go with the ride, which never lasts for more than 15 minutes when smoked. If you use incense as your weapon of choice then the effects are longer but not as noticeable.


Theoretically, this is how most psychedelics should be approached, like DMT (dimethyltryptamine) which is two steps away from being tryptophan. Tryptophan, to my understanding, is found in all organisms, so theoretically all organsims have the potential to synthesis DMT, and most have done so. The two main methods of taking DMT are smoking DMT crystals or drinking Ayahuasca. Both are illegal in the US but can be done legally in other regions like Canada or South America. I've only smoked DMT twice and didn't have a full blown "breakthrough" experience, but the experiences were still interesting none the less. A typical breakthrough experience usually consists of crossing into other dimensions, being visited by extradimensional beings and becoming one with the universe.  DMT is a fascinating compound to me and I suggest people read up on it if they haven't already. One great source is Rick Strassman's "DMT The Spirit Molecule" available both in book and documentary form.


Some drugs don't need such a serious approach, like LSD or psilocybin mushrooms, though they should usually be done with a sober "baby sitter" at a comfortable location, at least until you've done it enough and have your sea legs. Partying is not a good idea until that point, and I personally would never use it to party. That's a waste of valuable exploration time imo, but some may disagree. These drugs last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours or more depending on dosage, and aren't necessarily as intense as Salvia or DMT but still interesting. Personally I like the short-yet-oh-so-sweet effect DMT and Salvia have on me. Marijuana is another interesting psychedelic that a lot of people abuse. For me it has done more harm than good and I got pretty addicted after a while. The other drugs I've mentioned are less harmful. And even though I had terrible, life altering experiences on shrooms and LSD, I still think they are more productive than MJ, but that's just my opinion and I don't look down on people who use it.


A word of caution to first time users: these drugs can be very scary. I know people who have never been the same since having a "bad trip", including myself. But I believe this is because people use them wrong and are not properly informed. If you look at indigenous cultures who utilize these things you'll find that nobody ever goes crazy and jumps off a building (I know somebody who did this). That is because their society does not demonize them and they properly inform their pupils how to use them, which often involves a ritual/ceremonial approach. This is an approach that I recommend as well. A good book on using psychedelics for proper inner exploration is called "The Psychedelic Experience" by Timothy Leary. Then of course there is the cornerstone of all information on drugs, www.erowid.com. "Supernatural", a book by archeologist Graham Hancock is another interesting read if you want to learn more about the symbiotic relationship mankind has had with these drugs over the course of it's time on earth.


Researching philosophy, physics, metaphysics, psychology, etc ect is a good idea when looking for ways to expand your consciousness. I've learned a lot from my research and believe this a crucial element, almost as crucial as meditation. When I have the time, I might include some of my favorite books, movies, etc about these subjects.


Both deciphering and creating Art has aided me a lot. There is nothing like coming to a realization or feeling something unexplainable when analyzing art (music, movies, paintings, literature, etc etc etc). It's like discovering the meaning behind a Buddhist koan, and it is a journey that must, for the most part, be accomplished on your own. Experience with art is very subjective and can be used to positively mold your life if used properly. Creating art is just as shamanic. Using it to express yourself is an intense experiment that you can learn from no matter what the results are. Perhaps I will go more into this later. Alex Grey has a book called "The Mission of Art" which explores the shamanic abilities of art. I haven't read it but I own it and plan on reading it someday. I've also heard him discuss said things on random youtube videos.


Technology is evolving to a point of singularity. Once we hit that point, theoretically, all of mankind will become one with the universe. Until then, there are many other technological devices that can alter and expand consciousness. First of all, neurofeedback and sensory deprivation tanks are very popular on this board and I'm sure most of you know about them. Nuerofeedback is quite expensive and as such not as accessible. Sensory Deprivation Tanks are more accessible and way cheaper. I'll hit one up for the first time tomorrow. SDT's and the devices that Dave has recommended (emwave, zeo) are the only technological devices that seem accessible to the masses. Even they are quite expensive, though many people who have used them recommend them. I haven't gone far enough into this yet to adequately discuss it, so I'll leave that to others. Other technologies include youtube videos that are said to induce altered states of consciousness, like binaural beats. I've had some success with these, but don't know much about the science.


The last technology that I'm going to mention is a simulated out of body experience that I saw in a consciousness documentary. You would sit in a chair and wear a visor. There would be a camera behind you. The visor would project what the camera sees. It would look as if you are behind yourself. Then a scientist would secretly poke you (he'd stand so close to your body that his arm would be hidden), while simultaneously poking under the lens of the camera. This would confuse you even more. The person involved in the experiment was pretty baffled, and truly thought that he was behind his body for a moment. Again, this technology doesn't seem widely accessible.


Now for some more esoteric methods of self exploration that I've come across in my research. I warn you, this is where it gets bananas. The two main authors who I'd recommend for this kind of stuff are Robert Anton Wilson (my favorite author, I've read 12 of his books) and Aleister Crowly, the creator of Thelema and one of the most well known practicers of "Magick", which is "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will" according to Crowley. And, after all, I believe all experience boils down to two things: Karma and Perspective. But that is for another discussion.


First of all, there is the practice of removing the word "I" from your vocabulary, which I discovered while reading books by Robert Anton Wilson (at the moment I can't remember if the book was Cosmic Trigger or Prometheus Rising, but I'm pretty sure this method and the next one were both from Cosmic Trigger). This next method is both interesting and vague but still makeslogical sense to me. Every time you use the word "I" (or when you to refer to yourself in general, I imagine. He didn't go into too much detail about this and I haven't found any information since) inflict pain on yourself to remind yourself not to use it. He wrote of biting your thumb or cutting yourself, which is kind of extreme. I think I would simply pluck a hair from my head. At the end of a month you will be very sore but the word I will be gone, and you will supposedly be in a completely different state of consciousness.


The next experiment is even more interesting and easier to do imo. Astral project yourself into a room with a computer. Vividly imagine every aspect of this room as if it were real, then imagine and believe that the computer is 10 billion years more advanced than anything we have. Believe (and by believe I mean remove ALL doubt) that this computer can answer any question you ask it, save for anything metaphysical. Start off small and work your way up. I started by asking "what was the name of my second grade teacher", and before I could finish the question, the name came to me. Ms. Gaffni. I was blown away, and confirmed it by checking in with the school I went to. I haven't done the experiment since, and some might say that it only worked because the answer was in my subconscious, but I believe it works because every single atom contains all the information of all other atoms in the universe, and that if we truly put our minds to it, we can access this stuff. But that is just my psychotic, hippie opinion.


Aleister Crowley and the various cults that he's been apart of have made a lot of interesting Magickal rituals available for mainstream use. They can be quite profound if looked at with an open mind, and are very positive and usually based on Egyptian rituals. The Thelemic Middle Pillar, for example, is a meditation technique that, from what I understand, induces incredible euphoria and oneness with the universe. You can find information about it on youtube or google, and also in his books.


Back to Robert Anton Wilson: he is an avid practicer of constantly trying out new belief systems ("reality tunnels") and using them to evolve. Force yourself to believe and do things that you would never do. Become a vegetarian for a couple of months if you're not already, become an atheist for awhile if you're theist or vice versa, be an angry person if you're a kind one, etc. He has accomplished many great things by doing this, including summoning gods of different religions. He did this making himself believe in those deities and devoted more time to them than a priest would. Eventually, the deity would come to him, then he'd move on to the next deity. He believes this is possible because of how powerful our minds and their perspectives (reality tunnels) are. His book "Prometheus Rising" is an interesting read on this, and he includes tasks for the reader to experiment with at the end of each chapter. He also urges people to try them out before you decide to believe or disbelieve his experiments. He considers himself a "mystic agnostic" and has said that he "DOES NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING", because like Descartes said, "I Think, therefor I am", and that is the only thing he or anyone else can truly prove to themselves. I believe that is the goal of all methods of consciousness exploration. They slowly peel away the illusion of reality and open your eyes to the "truth", and through my research I have become profoundly changed by these ideas and they have truly improved my life. But, they are not for everyone, and I try not to pass them off as fact or preach to people. I am simply stating my believes and urge people to explore their own, using their own methods (or these if they tickle your fancy). If being a scientific atheist with no beliefs in the esoteric enlightens you then so be it. There is nothing wrong with that. Even though I am quite proud and have a hard time coming to terms with opposing opinions I still try to keep my pride at bay and accept them. To those people with drastically different views I say "Go for it and enjoy." As long as you positively influence the world and don't cause harm to anybody else then what you believe in shouldn't matter.


I think that is all I have for now and I hope you guys enjoyed it. I look forward to any contribution you guys can make (beliefs, ideas, book recommendations, etc). I will update this post in the future with more links and info when I get the time. Until then, namaste, amigos.



  • I think this is a great post, and while reading through it I got to thinking (maybe quite random though) as to how I can easiliy identify myself with others on this board, namely you and Jason Miller, as well as a few others. I wish there was a way everyone one these boards could meet up and have a massive "Bulletproof party" haha. But getting to the post, I'm starting to firmly believe that altering/expanding consciousness is the ultimate "bulletproof practice" so to speak, as I believe that is what we are all derived of... consciousness/chi/energy/whatever you wish to term it. I have had many experiences that further my belief in this, and for the "Free Thinker/PEARLIST/materialist" types, there is science behind interconnectedness. I'd recommend looking into the work of Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton, as well as Robert Moss. There have been studies done (many by the military, that of which are not classified) which evidence this. Here are some studies I put into my annotations of a Coast to Coast AM w/George Noory broadcast with Gregg Braden (I took notes throughout the entire thing)

    "1997 Friday july 25: over 3400 journalists, engineers, scientists; University of Geneva Nikolas Gisin; took photon and split it into 2 identical particles, put them in a device firing them in opposite directions 7 miles each direction; they ‘tickled’ on photon, the other photon acted as if it were disturbed, even though 14miles apart; under lab conditions; they are energetically linked through entanglement and non-locality; we are made out of photons, so are we non-local and energetically linked?"


    "United states military, 1990’s, intelligence and security command: took DNA from saliva of “donor”, leukocytes, they put that DNA in a machine that can measure changes while it is in another room, while the person the DNA is in another room while watching graphic video clips; they found that when the volunteer was having emotional peaks and valleys, the DNA was responding the same way at the same time, in another room; continued experiments when apart whole city lengths using atomic clocks; there is no lag time; the DNA was measured chemically and optically and electrically; emotions actually affect how DNA is wound up"


    "Early 1980’s, war between Israel and Lebanon:researchers understood these energetic relations; people were trained to use this field, feel coherent emotions in their hearts (not think in their minds),they were placed in the war torn area, there was a prayer window and feel thefeeling of peace as if it happened, and terrorist activities went to 0, trafficaccidents declined, etc. when stopped, the trends reversed; but they did this again and again at different times of the month or day; ORM Johnson alexander davies chandler, peace project in (journal of conflict resolution)

    World Puja; same statistics as above^"


    This is why I really want to engage in HeartRate Variability Training through the EmWave2. I seriously would love to purchase the EmWave2 with RevitalizeYOU so I can fully learn it's applications, and maybe even engage in the education required to become an EmWave pracititioner. I don't know what your beliefs are on ET's/UFO's/other dimensions, but whether you choose to believe in that or not, many people who claim to have come in contact with them (many who have amazing credentials) speak on the fact that they are not only technologically superior, but spirtually advanced by thousands of years.


    I too believe psychedelics are mind-openers (third eye openers, haha). I have experienced some amazing things with my usage of them, unfortunately I let things get out of hand, which I believe was caused subconsciously due to stress and problems at home. I haven't done some of the more intense-shorter duration ones such as DMT or Salvia, but have extensive experience. LSD seemed to be the most thought provoking, but that could also be negative if you let your mind race. Psilocybin was the most mellow and "earthy", I enjoyed Psilocybin the most by far, and wish I used it more as both times I did it was the perfect setting with close friends and was extremely introspective and I feel as though it can be truly therapeutic. Ketamine was incredible as well, I feel as though I should have used it more responsibly and rather than combine it with other substances at a concert, use it more introspectively. MDMA has it's uses; I feel as though it is way overused in the electronic music/festival scene and it gives it a bad wrap. I can honestly see couples using it to enhance their relationships emotionally/spiritually/and physically. Just imagine if you were in one of the countries/areas where you had MDMA test kits and pure MDMA and/or Sassafrass, and scheduled a great day with your loved one while rolling the entire time. I don't mean just doing it to be under the influence... I'm talking about have intimate conversations, doing things that act upon all your senses to enhance your experience, having long, passionate sex. These substances have their merits. In fact these substances indirectly lead me here.


    As I said I let it get out of hand, well an accidental usage of something lead me down the road of trying to figure out "what was wrong with me" (many weird physical/mental symptoms I believe are neurologic in origins due to an anti-cholingeric substance). It has gained me a mass of information. Graduated early due to things at home that lead me through an alternative education, and now I'am in college a year early, and read more than ever, listen to more podcasts, take more notes, and just am generally more knowledgable in all aspects. When I feel comfortable again, I would love to source some (maybe through silkroad) pure substances and meditate prior to, during, and after the experience, doing that once a month or maybe a few times a year.


    After I finish reading and annotating Foundation: Redefine Your Core (a great book a highly recommend to anyone who wants to increase performance, or heal themselves), and re-read and annotate Body By Science as well as the Body By Science Q&A book, I will definitely have to purchase the books written by Robert Moss on Lucid Dreaming. I used to delve into that topic a lot and I am starting to again (keeping a dream journal, doing "lucid dream affirmations", etc.). I would love it if you can recommend maybe 5 or so of the greatest resources/books you have come across on the topics of lucid dreaming/OBE's/Astral Projection.




    Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability. - Marcus Aurelius 

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    Awesome post!


    While I haven't pursued this specifically, I'd say the big things for me have been ecstasy, reading a lot of different non-fiction books and extended travelling (which you haven't mentioned?). I can identify multiple specific events from each of those that led to massive improvements in my life.

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    A friend of mine is more advanced in meditation than I am. When he guides me through a meditation I'm able to reach higher levels of concentration. It's kind of strange though because when I say "guided" all I mean is that we are in the same room together. He sets the tone by getting quiet and says something like, "focus on your breath." That is all he says, one time, and I am able to meditate with him for 40-60 minute sessions. I come out of it feeling like I've been sitting there a few minutes and wisened a lot more than an hour. 


    My travels have influenced my perspective quite a bit...but after a stint in the military, when I had the worst health of my life, a materialistic outlook, a cabinet of prescriptions, and a stack of cash... traveling to me became similar to having a collection of records, shoes, books, whatever. Just a bunch of things I didn't fully appreciate. DMT put all of this in perspective. It's the reason I have been working so hard on nutrition, meditation. Getting my health straightened out in 2012 didn't really feel like work at all, it's what I'm supposed to be doing. I came out of the trip and felt like the years of emotional growth that had been stunted by prescription pills was all caught up in 10 minutes. Also, I promise NOT to talk about DMT in every post I make! In fact after it happened I had amazing command of English language for about a day but the experience was like a dream that you forget soon after you wake up. I hardly have any details to report except for the onset when my consciousness was catapulted out of my body, out of Madison, WI and into some weird chasm of the universe.


    The day after that experience was when I first found out that Rogan was doing a podcast. I had always been a fan of his stand up. I think that listening to podcasts has made me really imagine the possibilities of singularity, information, and interconnectedness. The alpha-brain generated some incredible lucid dreams. I'm very interested in this. I'm reading a book by Krishnamurti now as recommended by Dunan Trussell.


    Has anyone looked at the Heartmath Inner Balance that Dave just started selling on Upgraded Self? I'm thinking about purchasing it. Are there any differences other than price between the Inner Balance and EmWave2? 

  • I completely overlooked that aspect - traveling. I have not done much but have went on three family trips that unfortunately, I feel I was too young and immature to fully experience and assimilate into my life; although I remember hiking in the mountains which was great, I'd love to do it again now that I'm into mindfulness and have tons more energy.


    I too can identify many improvements in my life from my ex-substance use... although I don't consider psychedelics or cannabis "substances". They were catalysts to an already open minded, curious individual, who just happened to be young and can now use that to his advantage. I really wish I could use them again right now, but I don't feel comfortable doing so at the moment, as I continue down the Bulletproof/Optima/Perfect Health path, I will one day be able to, I know it, lol.



    Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability. - Marcus Aurelius 

  • I appreciate the feedback guys. I had some doubts to weather anyone would dig it. I know that I've run into plenty of people in real life who consider all of this stuff absurd. You could also tell that I made this post very late at night. It's a little messy. I want to trick it up at some point. I left out a couple of things like tantra or love and yeah, even traveling. When I have time tomorrow I'll make a better response to your posts and maybe update some things, including my experience with the isolation tank.

  • That's another thing I was going to say could be consciousness expanding - love. I know right now that I'am without a doubt, definitely in love with my girlfriend (who will be more than that), the feeling is indescribable by using simple words, you only can describe it by experiencing it.


    Also on the topic of Astral Projection, I recommend this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Rich2150x/videos?view=0&flow=grid

    Some of the things he says *may* be perceived as a little "out there" but he has good information.


    Also, I just found out (although I had theorized this was true) that I'am close to astral projecting from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNal9_-cyQA

    I actually made a post about this - I had the "heart drop" sensation described as a free-falling sensation in this video; I would get pretty nervous and chang the position I slept in to avoid it - but I'am no longer going to do this. I know one night when I let it carry on for a bit I felt extremely lucid/psychedelic and had strong mental images.


    If either of you have experience with Astral Projection/Out of Body Experiences, what is it like? What can I experience for my first time? Should I just let go of all fear? It's just weird thinking of traveling "out of body".


    By the way, how was the isolation tank?



    Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability. - Marcus Aurelius 

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    I've dabbled with a lot of practices over time and finally settled on the technique described by Yogani in his short-yet-effective 100 page book called "Deep Meditation". You can probably find the PDF online. In your mind you recite the mantra "I AM" over and over. Don't think about what the words mean, just recite them, as if you're saying "AYE AUM".


    With respect, Gamebounty, using the mantra "I AM" may not be a good idea.


    According to the master who instructed me, it is absolutely essential that the mantra be completely abstract to facilitate transcendence.

    And because we have very strong specific associations with the words  'I AM', it naturally triggers thoughts, and since we are attempting to transcend thought, using terms which trigger it is counterproductive.


    Therefore, the mantra should be an abstract sound with absolutely no meaning whatsoever in order to optimize  transcendence.



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    With respect, Gamebounty, using the mantra "I AM" may not be a good idea.


    According to the master who instructed me, it is absolutely essential that the mantra be completely abstract to facilitate transcendence.

    And because we have very strong specific associations with the words  'I AM', it naturally triggers thoughts, and since we are attempting to transcend thought, using terms which trigger it is counterproductive.


    Therefore, the mantra should be an abstract sound with absolutely no meaning whatsoever in order to optimize  transcendence.




    I agree to an extent. "I AM" can be abstract, if you think about it like "AYUM". In my experience, this method doesn't trigger thoughts that much. To each his own, though.


    (I've been meaning to update this thread for awhile. Still going to do that. Hopefully soon.)

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    When one is in a complete state of "experience", you/it/life becomes/is abstract. Thoughts are thoughts, and experiencing is experiencing.

    Do not mistake thoughts for the experience.

    When attempting to meditate through a specific thought, image, sound, or breathing, or whatever, they are all different paths attempting to get you to the same end...to that of "becoming the experience".

    We all seek to increase our "experience" of being "alive" "now".

    The more you can become involved with your "experience", the more you can be said to be "enlightened, alive, or conscious.


    It doesn't matter what you focus on in meditation, the end goal is the same, to increase ones "experience" of being alive, of existing.

    So cut all the mindless bullshit and just "experience" to the best of your ability.

    Your "present experience" is where it's all at...so enjoy the ride.


    In my opinion, "I am" is one of the best experiences to have.

    And that's my 2 billion dollars on the subject:D

    Peace out bitches!




    Holy shit I'm awesome.

  • I've been interested in seeing where something like LSD would take me as an older adult with much more of an understanding of how this world works.  I tried it as a younger adult and it was amazing, but I'd guess it would be even more amazing now. 



    Seeing through the chaotic.
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    Fantastic video that gives rise to multiple impulses of discussion.

    Going into a state of LSD or Psylocybin/mushrooms would make one face issues that you have been long avoiding.

    It brings you so much into the presence of your own consciousness, that avoidance of neglected areas you KNOW you could and should be working on becomes apparent, thus stagnation of personal growth becomes futile.

    When I first read your post Bettingman I tossed off the idea as I have had my own experiences of LSD that indeed affected my consciousness in what I believe to be a positive way. I was hit with the realization that I am indeed the creator of my own life at a fundamental level.

    No longer could I get caught up in what I consider petty drama that so many people do.

    It has been well over 15 years since my last experience and I now wonder myself if I could benefit from another well intentioned experience.

    I am interrupted by a small sense of fear however. Because I am comfortable. I am comfortable growing at a my current, "I'll get to it when I feel like it" pace that I know could be much more optimal.

    There are things I need to do and become in order to take myself to the next level of maturity.

    It is because I know that on one of these "trips" I would indeed have to face everything I have been putting off, because on some level I must think I am going to live forever. I do not realize at a "gut" level that I am going to die one day.

    That there is no time to waste.


    I must say Bettingman, you have got me thinking, or more specifically, have placed a thorn in my shoe, a subtle reminder, the importance of pissing, or getting off the pot.

    My main concern would be getting hold of a clean source.

    Oh my.

    I think my phones have just been tapped.

    Holy shit I'm awesome.

  • What is funny about how this world works...


    Just today, a guy I worked with was wearing a Jerry Garcia t-shirt and who I knew was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA. (well known hippie community)  We were chit chatting and LSD/acid was brought up casually...along with mentioning my desire to try it again.  He mentioned he does it every so often, mostly at live concerts, and that he had a hook up in case I really was interested.  


    That is cool to know.  The guys is clean cut and pretty average Joe looking, so aside from the t-shirt I never would have mentioned it.  Now I have a legit connection.  Pretty cool how ideas tend to manifest opportunities.  

    Seeing through the chaotic.
  • ^^lol^^. I too want to experience a psychedelic adventure again, but I believe I have to wait for awhile. Once my psychological state of mind is "bulletproof"/"optimal" I will go at it again. I know LSD was basically a catalyst to an open minded, philosophical individual (me) to engage myself in things I never fathomed (studying logic, critical thinking, reading the work of Alexander Shulgin, and then.... performance/well-being through food - bulletproof eating). I personally think psilocybin is a better experience but to each their own. I too believe a clean source would be difficult to find - I always scoffed at people when they talked about their substances, I suppose reading Erowid.org and Bluelight all night every day made me a lot more knowledgeable of a "tripper". I just want to use it as a tool, maybe a shortcut, to higher levels of consciousness. I think that statement contradicts itself, though. I can't force it. Nonetheless, as my body and mind heals and eventually becomes stronger and more resilient than ever, and I become a more grounded individual as well as increasingly efficient at "being", I think an annual psychedelic experience would be beneficial. Marcus Aubrey of Onnit talks about using them almost as a psychological reset - although he is far ahead of me, using Ayahuasca and Iboga.


    Thanks for the link sportsbettingman. If you haven't already I'd continue looking into Jason Silva's material. The way he describes the future encourages the anti-aging side in me. There's so much change coming about at exponential rates. One thing I can say for certain, I have developed a heightened sense of appreciation. I can now go on walks and be rather mindful and absorb all the sensory input at a more efficient rate, come home, and think back to the walk and realize I actually truly enjoyed it.... a lot. If I can find joy through an action as simple as that, well, all I can say is life has unlimited possibilities and experiences - I couldn't imagine willingly accepting an end - although that day may very well come.


    By the way, I highly suggest you guys purchase books or look into both Stanislav Groff, as well as Alexander Shulgin.



    Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability. - Marcus Aurelius 

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    What is funny about how this world works...


    Just today, a guy I worked with was wearing a Jerry Garcia t-shirt and who I knew was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA. (well known hippie community)  We were chit chatting and LSD/acid was brought up casually...along with mentioning my desire to try it again.  He mentioned he does it every so often, mostly at live concerts, and that he had a hook up in case I really was interested.  


    That is cool to know.  The guys is clean cut and pretty average Joe looking, so aside from the t-shirt I never would have mentioned it.  Now I have a legit connection.  Pretty cool how ideas tend to manifest opportunities.  






    And now it seems "I" have a connection as well hey Bettingman???...wink wink!! :D

    Oh yeah, my phones are definitely getting tapped.

    Holy shit I'm awesome.

  • Cool post Big PapI!  If you are as young as your avatar/photo...you are way ahead of the game for your age.  I thought I was, but you have a very solid grasp for a young person.  As for Jimmy Carter...depends how far of a drive...and I hate to drive far. :-)  If you can fly as high as that badass Bald Eagle in your avatar...I envy you! :-)

    Seeing through the chaotic.
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