On Rflp - Do You Still Drink Bp Coffee And Supplements On Carb Re-Feed Day ?


My wife has started on the RFLP, and she is wondering if you still drink BP Coffee and supplements on Carb Re-Feed day ?

I assume yes, the only difference will be the Carb Re-Feed.


Can someone who has done it or doing it please confirm ?







  • I hadn't thought that far ahead, but yeah, my thought would to be refeed on carbs instead of the butter meal.

  • I'm bringing out this old thread because I'm refeeding tomorrow and want to know too. I will need coffee, but it doesn't necessarily need to have all the butter in it. I will want something creamy in there, like cream or coconut cream though. I was planning on having some fried eggs, kale and sweet potato for breakfast. 

  • Cruiser42Cruiser42 Want to look like this again - or BETTER!

    This is an excellent question I need the answer to, as well.

    I'm not sure I can take all those supplements AND eat.  I think I'll keep my coffee the same, and not take the added supplements that RFLP requires.


    IE, Glutathione force (VILE), Betaine HCL, Charcoal, BCAA's, L-Glutamine.


    I'll still use what I was using on BP IF - Vit K2, D3, A, Potassium and Magnesium.  I also take 4 Choleslo capsules each day. 


    Any other thoughts ?

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