Noopept/alcohol Tincture

Hi all,


I've been using Noopept for about a month now, dissolved in an alcohol. It is just a cheap bottle of vodka I picked up from the local grocery store. Figured since I was only taking 2 ml at a time it wouldn't matter much about the quality. All this time I have been taking it sublingually. There is a slight sting, more of a tingle than anything else, then it settles down as I let it sit there to absorb.


I've had to no reason to question this method until recently. I put it under the tongue again one afternoon for my second dose of the day, and there was a painful sting. I noticed later that I had a very red, large and painful ulcer running along one of the veins under my tongue. There were a few other white dots with red around them as well, also along veins, and quite painful to the touch.


So my question is, does anyone know if this is just a coincidence, or if it is either the Noopept or alcohol, or both, that could be causing this? I take other things sublingually, such as B12 and D3, but they don't cause any sensations of tingling/stinging/pain, even while I have ulcers there.


Also, sorry if this is the wrong forum, I just figured that it was the most appropriate given I am enquiring on a smart drug.


  • I just began taking noopept yesterday, and also read under the tongue dosing may be best for absorption, which I will now begin to do and report back.

    Dosing 20mg-30mg, going to place under the tongue with B12 sublingual supplement. In the morning this will be followed with egg yolks and then coffee, in the evening probably just on its own.

    Let you know how it goes.

    How is your tongue?
  • You could try diluting the tincture. I am making a chaga mushroom tincture and it says after soaking for a month in the highest proof organic vodka you can get the solution should be diluted by adding 3 equal parts water to the alcohol solution. Is your diluted?
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    Not sure what could be causing this, have you checked into the reliability of your Noopept? I would hope that neither the noopept nor the grocery store vodka were causing this.


    Personally i dose noopept in capsules so I can't speak too much on the subject other than the fact that the few times I put some noopept underneath my tongue I never had any sort of ulcer appear. I couldn't resist breaking open a capsule and seeing what the powder was like, and not sure if this is odd but I love the mushroomy smell haha.


    How is the tongue have you tried using an alternative vodka/alcohol?

  • Sorry, forgot to re-post after a week. I've been taking noopept powder under the tongue since my last post. No problems with the tongue. No redness or soreness. 


    For shits I put a few drops of milk thistle tincture (75% pure alcohol) under my tongue and it burned within a few seconds. 


    I'm convinced its the alcohol concentration.



  • Noopept and vodka??? Both are products of Russia I suppose! LOL[media][/media]

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