Zma Testosterone Booster - Sex, Deep Voice, Strength, Drive, Muscles, Aggressiveness...

ZMA is used very widely in the strength training and body building world. It increases testosterone levels.

Tim Ferriss also said that Zinc with Vitamin A (Cod Liver Oil) boosts T- levels like an anabolic steroid. Vitamin D3 too.

It's true, so much that I just wanna work out or hunt every day. Testosterone also compromises the immune system (so it takes an especially strong person to hold T-levels)

Testosterone causes insomnia. Also Zinc cannot be taken with Whey because it has trace levels of Calcium which cancel it out.

In Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, the Sex Transmutation chapter about Celibacy as a mind stimulant means building levels of testosterone.

How do you sleep when Testosterone keeps you awake? I know it is produced at night. How can you keep your immune system not damaged from ZMA, and still get the benefits of testosterone - deep voice, vitality, strong and heavy male Skeleton and teeth, power, etc...


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