Ibs (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) And Bulletproof Cofee

Can bulletproof coffee contribute to IBS, cause it or make it worse?




It seems like doctors suggest to stop coffee and fats to reduce the symptoms.


It helped my wife so far, she stopped drinking bulletproof coffee and now feels much better. But I'm drinking it all the time and have no problem at all...


Does it mean it's not good for people who already have IBS or GI problems? Or should they use some additional supplements and enzymes to help?


How does one reintroduce bulletproof coffee without bringing back the IBS?


  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    Are you using the upgraded beans and following the rest of the diet closely?

  • My money is on MCT overdose :)
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  • I'm personally fine. It's actually my wide who's having troubles. She has a very weak GI situation anyway because a few month ago she got rid of a 3 different types of some of the worst parasites and did it with some very strong drugs. And she's not following the bulletproof diet closely, just as much as I cook for her at home, but she also eats out a lot and not bulletproof at all...


    So I'm not really blaming the bulletproof coffee, but we tested that she got IBS acting up after she started having the coffee instead of breakfast, and for the last week I took her off of the bulletproof coffee and she immediately had the symptoms go away.


    And medical websites like WebMD suggest that coffee and fats contribute to IBS, so everything kinda matches.


    I'm not using the Upgraded beans yet, but I've followed Dave's instructions to find the best possible coffee in town. Also I was low on MCT so I was mostly using coconut oil and quite a lot of butter (because I personally could tolerate it).


    When she feels better I'm planning to try to reintroduce it to her, maybe with Upgraded beans and less butter... Should I use some enzymes of supplements to make it easier for her or help fat digestion?

    (she's a carb-junkie, so I guess her body is not used to fats) 

  • hzahza ✭✭

    You might look into adding gelatin (also sold as hydrolyzed collagen at places like purebulk.com) into the diet somewhere.  I was reading up on it bc of the bpc+gelatine thread and found that it's thought to be beneficial for the GI tract and also as a digestive aid.  Seems to be real flexible as to when and how you take it, too.

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