Bulletproof Coffee + Kids?

Working on switching the whole family over to bulletproof, especially as my youngest son who is almost 10 seems to suffer from Celiac Disease; no professional diagnosis yet, however he is improving now that we have taken him off of all glutten products. My question is, with the benefits being touted in regards to the upgraded bulletproof coffee, which my husband and I both enjoy, would this be benefical for the kids as well? Thanks!


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    They give tea to kids much younger than 10 here.  Also, I'd be surprised if your typical American 10 y.o. doesn't get plenty of caffeine every day through colas or other sources.  Coffee does seem like a bit much, but hey, now's there's Bulletproof Decaf too, so you've got that option...

  • No mind altering substances for anyone that young in my opinion. And caffeine is mind altering, at least in my experience. 

    I don't think that comparing to children who drink cola's etc is a wise idea either.

  • "Adolescent and child caffeine consumption should not exceed 100 mg/day and 2.5 mg/kg per day, respectively.7,38,63 For example, 8 oz of Red Bull (Fuschl am See, Austria) provides 77 mg of caffeine, or 1.1 mg/kg for a 70-kg male or 2.2 mg/kg for a 35-kg preteen.40 Whether the effects of caffeine in adults can be generalized to children remains unclear.63 In a study of 26 boys and 26 men, the same dose of caffeine affected blood pressure similarly, but heart rate was significantly lowered in boys, whereas there was no effect on heart rate in men.68 Boys also exhibited more increased motor activity and speech rates and decreased reaction time than did men.69"

    Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3065144/
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