Cupcake Frosting

I made the cupcakes last night for the first time. They are good, but the frosting-free part is not working for me.


Here's what I landed on last night for a frosting - I like it but I'm wondering if anyone else has other suggestions? Definitely not something chocolatey....




1) Few TBSP's Powdered Xylitol and/or Eythritol

- Powder your granules by putting in coffee grinder for 20-30 secs

- Xylitol can taste oddly cold sometimes, especially in this recipe, so I'd blend the two or maybe use Eythritol only


2) Few TBSP's Room temp butter


3) 1/2 TSP Vanilla Extract r BP Vanilla

- Your frosting will be tan colored if you use BP vanilla


I am not sure if I used equal portions butter and sweetener...  just blended it up to taste.  I spread it thin on my cupcakes since otherwise that Xylitol-cool sensation was too strong. As I said, it was good. It definitely improves the cupcake!!! But it was not amazing.




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