Orange Dreamsicle Soda

With Summer upon us or nearly- I humbly offer this recipe for a cool libation.

You can Bulletproof it up by adding a tablespoon of MCTs.

Sorry- I'm not a measuring person. I figure it's an art not a science.

Soda Water or Still Water- your option

Orange Oil, a few shakes- I use the Now Essential Oils. It's only $5 or so at Whole Paycheck

Citric Acid, a pinch or two- this gives it a fresh orange taste rather than candy orange flavor

Vanilla, a couple drops

Stevia or Xylitol.

When I use still water, I will put it in the blender with the MCTs and some ice. Then I can top it off with some soda water if I'm in the mood for bubbles.
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