Trying To Get Rid Of "buttery Mouth" ;-)

Hello All,

Myself and another colleague are in our first week of using Bulletproof coffee - we are really enjoying it so far. Makes for some fun discussions around the coffee machine (which we had to purchase because for 4 years we have only used a Keurig).


The only "issue/annoyance" that we have had is what we have termed a "buttery mouth". After drinking our morning Bulletproof coffee, we seem to have a "coating" of butter in our mouth. Does anyone have a suggestion for 1) getting rid of that or 2) adding something to the coffee to help prevent that?


We are using KerryGold (silver packaged) unsalted, grassfed butter and MCT Oil (from Now Foods).


** I searched the forums for "buttery" but didn't find anything although I know I've seen someone mention this before - just can't find where. So, I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate question. **


Thanks in advance!!!


  • hzahza ✭✭

    I kinda know what you mean about a buttery mouth, but it only affects me while I'm drinking the coffee, and for maybe a couple minutes afterward.  If it bothers you that much, you might just try brushing your teeth afterward.  I can't think of an additive to the coffee that would help out.

  • Would swishing with warm water help at all?

  • I like it.  It keeps my lips soft and moist too.  A lot of natural lip balms and cosmetics are made from fats like cacao butter and coconut oil is great for your skin.  I can't imagine the word 'buttery' meaning anything bad. 

  • I love it too!  I love to just eat KG butter.  I prefer it cold, but it is also tasty warm scooped up by the finger.


    Embrace the taste!

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