No Effect From Modafinil - Any Suggestions Or Alternatives?

I got a prescription and have tried it three times. First I tried 100 mg and felt nothing. Then a few days later I tried 200 mg and still felt nothing. Are some people not responsive? If so, what would be an alternative? I was hoping to be able to use this once or twice a week when I have the most tedious work to get through at the office.


  • I didn't feel much from it either.  From what I understand, there is a significant portion of the population who are "non-responders" to modafinil. Not much you can do. I've noticed that sometimes If I have a long day, if I wake up early and take a modafinil tablet on an empty stomach then I can get through the day easier without sleepiness.

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    That would be too bad if your body does not respond, as it is a significant drug for productivity and general mood IMO.  As I foresee a delay in getting my next batch, I tried a half-dose today for the first time. (200mg cut into halves) and I just felt it kick in like it does most days when I didn't drink heavily the night before.  It has been a few days since taking it, so the effect may be stronger than normal, but I can feel little difference between the initial kick of 100mg vs. 200mg.  The only question would be if the modafinil you took was the modalert from Sun Pharma, as that is the only brand I know personally and can vouch for. 


    Interesting note:  After chopping the pill in half and re-packing the extra half back into the foil, I went to pick up and eat the other half and it was already mush.  Must have been damp on the counter where I laid it down.  It was only sitting there for like a minute and I had to almost scoop it up, which makes me wonder about the time release claim.


    Side note: (see...feeling chit-chattery :smile:)  Took the plunge yesterday and drove out of town and got a California Cannabis Card.  Hit up the Northern California award winning dispensary and was very impressed with every detail of the company.  Well trained (and attractive) workers, ultra-clean environment, amazing selection of multi-grade cannabis, cool environment with massage room, music (sometimes live they said) and even cannabis cooking courses!  Got a free mini-cigar sized joint (or choice of baby plant or cookies) for joining!  One of the better decisions I have made in a while.  Hoping to crush my 25 year drinking habit.  Sorry for the tangent.


    Edited to add:  When I woke up this morning I had a nice amount of allergies (trees are all blooming) and after taking the modafinil, all symptoms are gone.  Could be blind chance, but I have noticed it dries me out (eyes/mouth, hence the large glass of water at my side all day) and wonder if it has anti-allergy potential.  Hour four beginning and so far the half-dose is going strong! (...and YES to johnnymcjohnson) :)

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  • ^do we now have someone both intelligently, and legally(quasi, anyways), able to discuss potential therapeutic, ergogenic and nootropic/neuroprotective properties of this amazing compound??

    Congrats on your card, wish my state did medical!!

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