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    Wow, cool idea. Gonna try it today!

    As for buying cinnamon, I prefer the sticks in an organic form, but they're too expensive. Like $5 for 4 sticks, or $5 for the same container of ground organic, which is like 20x more cinnamon. I know it's probably not as good for you, but I can't justify paying $5 a week for cinnamon.

    Unless you guys have a better suggestion on where to get organic cinnamon sticks, I'm gonna stick to the powder for my cooking. I might buy the sticks to brew in the coffee though. That sounds awesome.

  • Just remembered I'm on the RFLP and don't know if I can add cinnamon. Bummer.
  • at whole foods i noticed that you can either get a little spice jar-sized container with like 4 or 5 cinnamon sticks in it for like 6 bucks, or you can get them from the bulk section for like 85 cents an ounce. still not as cheap as the ground stuff...


    hey, maybe its time for Upgraded Cinnamon? 

  • As if I needed another reason to look forward to my BPC in the morning. I can't wait to try it with some cinnamon tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!

  • ive tried it, but I get annoyed that it can't be blended in and you always get a giant mouthful of cinnamon at some point.


  • I add organic ground saigon cinnamon to my BPC at least a few days a week. Adds great flavor. The trick is not to use too much or it will literally overpower the coffee flavor. You want it to be a background accent, not the dominant flavor. I find that 1/8 teaspoon does the trick.


    I also add some ground pumpkin pie spice in it from time to time. In autumn months it really adds to the enjoyment of the time of year for me.

  • I finally got some Upgraded Vanilla, so I have been adding 1tsp of that and a pinch or two of cinnamon for the last 2 days. I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. I can't wait to try the same combo in my homemade coconut milk.

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    been sprinkling some on the top of mine the last couple of days. Added it in the blend before, but much better sprinkled on top.


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  • much improved taste and drinking experience adding the cinnamon to the grounds. recipe last few days has been:


    5 heaped measure of ground coffee

    2 tsp ground cinnamon (in the grounds)

    5 cups filtered water


    2 tbsp kerrygold unsalted

    2 tbsp MCT

    2 tsp xylitol

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    Old thread, but I figure it deserves a little bumpage.


    I ordered a bunch of organic Cassia cinnamon recently and adore it. I've been adding it to my BPC, and find it tastes a lot better.


    Grinding my beans, I add about a teaspoon of cinnamon to the grounds in a paper filter. I then make my coffee as usual, adding some butter, MCT, collagen and a bit of cocoa powder in at the end. Tastes absolutely amazing. The key is in brewing the cinnamon along with your coffee.


    I've read a few concerns over this particular variety of cinnamon on the board. Cassia cinnamon is high in coumarin, a blood thinner, which can damage the liver. If my researches are to be believed however, coumarin is fat soluble, meaning that by steeping it and filtering it (in water), the coumarin should be left behind in the filter along with the coffee grounds.

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  • I add Cinnamon(Ceylon), vanilla, tumeric, nutmeg & stevia
  • I put in the coffee grounds in a coffe press and it does the trick...

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