Need some help, I'm new to Bulletproof and I love the forum and all the information.


I have heard Dave talk about having 2 or 3 ketones day a week and one protein free day a week. Does this protein free day promote autophagy and should it be the day before or the day after ketones. And what would be the eating regime for the other remaining days.


I have been reading "First Cause of Death" it's way to technical for me but it talks about eating carbs every 2 hours??? I would love to know the forums thoughts on this.



Does producing ketones produce more A.G.E.S?


Any information on the topic would be greatly appreciated.




45yo female

52 kilos

Living in Australia, both parents from Spain

24% body fat - would love to reduce this to number under 20% 


Many thanks :wink:


  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    Yes, very low protein intake will promote autophagy.


    No, ketone production will not increase the development of advanced glycation end products.  You can't have glycation without lingering blood sugar.

  • Being in a ketogenic state basicly means that your body is switching over to a "fat burning mode" instead of using glucose, which mainly comes from carbohydrates.


    To do this, your body has to run out of stored glucose, when you stop eating carbs your body will use the stored glucose in your liver and muscles. When your body senses that you are running low on glucose, it will prioritize using glucose in the brain, your brain uses about 100g of carbs when you first switch to a ketogenic diet, with time the brain adapts to using ketones instead until it gets about 75% of its fuel from ketones.


    What this means is that to trigger ketosis you need to eat less than 100g of carbs a day, the less you eat, the faster and deeper you get into a ketogenic state. The ketogenic state is a matter of degrees related to how much carbohydrates, protein and fat you eat.

    Eating fat and protein does raise your glucose levels because the body can convert it into glucose, but carbohydrates raises your glucose levels the most, and fat the least. Thats why you can drink bulletproof coffee and still remain in ketosis because fat doesnt effect your glucose levels that much.

    You can also eat some protein but the more of it you eat, the less ketogenic your body will be because protein effects glucose more than fat.


    As for having a protein free day, yes that could work but then you cant eat any carbs either because that would defeat the purpose completely. Doing this would probably be good for fat loss since you would get into a deep ketonic state by not eating carbs or protein, but you could loose some muscle mass because your brain still needs glucose, and if you dont get any from your diet then the body will problably break down your muscles to convert the proteins stored there into glucose for your brain. In my opinion thats not worth it, but if fat loss is your only goal then maybe it could work for you.


    As for eating carbs every 2 hours, that sounds terrible to me. Each time you eat something that spikes your blood sugar like carbs does, your body must produce insulin to move the glucose into the cells of your body, if you do this all the time then you can develop insulin resistance, which is incredibly unhealthy.


    The ketogenic diet works the opposite way by not spiking blood sugar levels you develop insulin sensitivity instead which means your body will use the food you eat more effectively.


    If you are interested in learning more I can recommend this book:

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