Children And Supplementation

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone use supplementation with their children?

I have a 3.5 year old child with a hypothyroid condition.

Is it only recommended to provide the best BP diet possible, or should we be seeking out the best combination of supplements we provide for ourselves, but in much lower doses for our children?

Has anyone crafted a custom shake or smoothie to give to their children? I was thinking of a podcast recently where Dave spoke of a shake/smoothie made with egg yolks, coconut milk (i think, maybe water or ice), collagen (?), MCT, butter > blended > then BP whey and vanilla added. If you could maintain taste and top off the smoothie with D3, K2, and fish/krill oil (taste might go away there!)...sounds like something my daughter might enjoy in the morning. And better yet, to add iodine and selenium to help the thyroid would be beneficial also (but very low and slow according to Chris Kresser's discussion about adults and these sups).

I don't know that I've read/heard much on this site about sups and kids. Where would you draw the line when trying to upgrade your child's health? Are sups even safe for kids (because I refuse to give my little girl a gummy, cartoon character shaped sugar bomb!)?

Podcast #24: Children and supplements...just throwing it out there!

Thanks everyone!



  • I'd love to know more about bullet proofing children, as well. My son is approaching 2 1/2, and I'm working to get his diet more BP-friendly, but would like to know if there are any additional tips beyond diet, including supplementation, that I can do to optimize his intellectual, physical and spiritual development. I certainly want to kick more ass, and I think I want my son to kick even more ass.

    PS - The main reason his diet isn't 100% bullet proof at this point is because my husband isn't on board, so any thoughts about that would be appreciated. I just joined the forum, so I'll have to dig through to see if there are any helpful tips in the getting the SO on board.
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