Homemade Grass-Fed Butter In Canada

Hi Guys,


I just wanted to update you on my solution for finding grass-fed butter here in Ontario. I live in London, and recently stumbled upon Harmony Organic milk (http://www.harmonyorganic.on.ca/). A bit of investigation shows that the cattle are primarily grass-fed during the warmer months - although they do have access to a combination of hay and grain feed during the winter. This milk is not 100% grass-fed, but is as close as I have been able to find. 


I purchased a 500ml bottle of 35% whipping cream, and made a batch of butter at home in my Blendtec. This was a quite easy process, although it did take about 20 minutes. My recipe:


1. Bring the bottle of milk to room temperature for 1-2 hours.

2. Put it in the blender, on speed 2

3. Periodically (usually every 5-10 seconds) remove the lid, and with a spatula stir the cream so that it stays in contact with the blade

4. Eventually (~15 minutes), the cream will split into fat and butter milk

5. Pour out the butter milk, and press it with your spatula to expel as much as possible

6. Add a bit of cold water to 'wash' the butter by putting it on another 5-10 second cycle

7. Remove the butter and place in piece of wax paper, roll it, and refrigerate


The 500ml bottle ($6) produced about 1/2 lb of butter. Although I know it's not 100% grass-fed, it's my best alternative without having to drive to the US to pickup KG.

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