Upgraded Brain Feedback (Day 3)

Woke up (I think) around noon judging by the sounds from the television and decided to try going back to sleep and woke up for good, rested, around 2:30pm...with a mild headache which is pretty rare but usually irritating in some way but this time is wasn't and while still present wasn't a negative factor impacting my daytime activities.


The cable bill arrived and instead of getting pissed off at being overcharged for the second time in two months I decided to postpone my outrage until I was ready to do something significant about it. It's as if my brain was a Google car and control and been returned to me (at least the basic stuff).


So do a Google search for the sole ingredient of Ugraded Brain: ANIRACETAM, buy some from someplace and post here about what it's like for you (I'm definitely sleeping better).


And I still remember asking myself on day 1 what was keeping me from being "insanely happy". I've thought a lot about being happy over most of my life but that was first time I ever qualified what kind of happiness I wanted and never imagined it would be at the extreme. No answer yet, but maybe there's no one answer but a series that arrive like telegrams from the void.

Less the an hour after my first dose I had the following thought (for the first time) while waiting for the bus: "What's keeping me from being insanely happy every day?" Now, I'm thinking of the answer every day.



  • hzahza ✭✭

    Is there any reason why you don't just post all your journaling in one thread?  Otherwise you're gonna flood the forum if every day's observations go into a separate thread.


    Aniracetam is still widely available on the web, and easy to get.  There are a handful of threads in this subforum dedicated to finding good sources.  If Upgraded Brain is discontinued permanently, you shouldn't have any problem finding a replacement source for aniracetam.

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