Emwave2 Vs Hearmath Inner Balance

Hey guys, 

Huge fan here of the forum and blog here, thank  you all for all the positive influences.

I'm just curious, I've decided to hop on the heart rate variability train, and was shopping on the bulletproof.com, and was wondering if there is any point getting the EmWave2 if you have an Ipod touch and just get the Heartmath Inner Balance? since there is an 100 dollars difference, and it seems like they contain most of the same core features.




  • Hey everyone,


    I was wondering THE EXACT SAME THING.


    Can anyone answer this?


    To me it seems that the emWave2 is for people WITHOUT an apple device (haha) and that otherwise the innerbalance sensor is the exact same thing?!


    Thank you for any kind of feedback!!



  • Hi Guys,


    Not sure if you still need this info.


    The differences are listed on the Heartmath wesbite.





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