Bulletproof Coffee Is A Good Start, But Not The Bulletproofiest!

Was hoping to hear of others who've found, loved, and subsequently improved upon bpc.  

[for clarity, i should mention that my morning drinks may not work for you.  These are just some things i've been doing]



after a long while of paleo-type diet, I found BP a couple months ago, and love it!  While I didn't adopt the low-myco approach too much at all (would be nice, if I could double my grocer bill for same amount of food, but cannot..), but i adopted bpc, ckd, and LOW carb.  I've had notable results in energy, well-being, sleep, etc (keep in mind this is coming from a solid diet/training, so this was all just 'refinement', not 'off the couch')


My mornings were just bpc, and I'd wait til after training to break my fasting.  This wasn't enough nutrients to support my training.  After much tweaking, thought and trial/error, my newest morning approach is done 4-5d/week (the other days I do black coffee only)


1: black coffee upon waking, 


2: saltwater: (~750ml warm-water with: ~1/4tsp salt, ~1/8tsp epsom salt (magnesium sulfat), ~1/8tsp baking soda.  I use this to swallow my D and potassium);  After last sip, I refill shaker with ~400ml water, 10g bcaa+glutamine, and ~3g creatine, and chug that as coffee's brewing.


3: "Coffee" : 1l with coffee, 2-3bags green tea, 1/2tsp dark cocoa, adn usually stuff like vanilla, cinnamon etc.  This gets about 3tbsp butter and 2tbsp coconut oil per liter, these come out thick/frothy/delicious!


I'll usually require another 'nutrient' drink between my coffee and my training (this drink is typically a couple of eggs in water, maybe more creatine if needed)



I wanted to share this because one size does not fit all for bulletproofing, wehther coffee, diet or even lifestyle.  Learning the core bp tenets is definitely useful, but you need to modify these things to fit you.  Weeks ~3-5 on the bulletproof diet were difficult for me as my training intensity started to tank (I train daily, usually twice daily).  I also have a tendency towards anxiety if overstimulated, and the bp coffee fasting was causing this on occasion.  

Doing my swaps (whether adding amino's, whether getting my magnesium in the morning, whether swapping out some of the coffee and swapping in tea instead) all made this work much better for me.  From weeks 3-5 when my problems started, til now (~wk 8), I slowly modified the 'standard bpc' to where I have it today - I cannot recommend 'my' bpc protocol enough IF you are experiencing any of the hangups i'd mentioned.  


Happy Tuesday BP Board!


  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    a cyclical ketogenic diet diet IS low carb....


    Fasted training should be remarkably different than fed state training.  It is unclear if you addressed that issue with your experiments.


    Makes no sense to take D without fat.  Its a fat soluble vitamin so you are wasting your money by not accompanying it with fat.


    I'd move the BCAAs to preworkout if I were you.  No need to spool up any insulin production early in the AM if you are trying to optimize your fasted state.  That is a lot of coffee/tea you are consuming.  I would feel like crap too if I took all that on an empty stomach. 


    I feel like there is a lot psychosomatic elements to this if this routine is working for you.  The timing of your nutrients is not really in line with the baseline that a normal person 'tweaks' around.

  • 'Carb cycling' is probably the most accurate, thanks for clarify :)


    Yes fed/unfed training are very very different - in adopting much of IF/bp protocol tho, i found it wayyy too 'light' to accommodate my training routines, and had to add carbs back in - at the right times.  I actually prefer 'unfed' training, but for me that still necessitates something in the tank, otherwise i just get spent far too quickly into my sessions (i'm definitely an advocate of training on as little food as is optimal for any given scenario though - this is coming from someone who used to intentionally gorge an hour before training!)


    How bad is the bcaa insulin spike at only 5g?  And does the insulin negate the recomp benefits, or the psych benefits too?  because i'm only really concerned with the latter, i'm trying to recomp in teh opposite direction of most..


    I am definitely consuming a decent amount of caffeine, which i consider to be a good thing, made even better by getting tea swapped in for some of the coffee (tea's got health benefits coffee doesn't, but most important to me is the theanine content, which definitely makes a difference)



    Which element are you saying is placebo?  and, no, my timing is not in-line with normal/baseline and it isn't supposed to be.  This is designed around efficiency in the morning/afternoon, great training, food/stretch/relax/sleep.  As stated in the op, i'm not 'off the couch' lol.

  • And fwiw, i'm pretty much at the point of ditching bcaa's in favor of eggs, seems bulletproofier ;)  (they're one of teh highest sources of leucine, choline, b's - seems like it's just nature's-best for earlier-in-day work & workingout modes!

  • What kind of workouts do you do?
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  • running, biking and anaerobic crosstraining sessions (the former two are done much more HIIT style now, as i'm getting away from distance/triathlon and trying to put some weight back on!)

  • adding "Bulletproofier" to my dictionary :P  


    I find I have more biking energy with just BP coffee in my tummy.

  • running, biking and anaerobic crosstraining sessions (the former two are done much more HIIT style now, as i'm getting away from distance/triathlon and trying to put some weight back on!)

    Well there is your problem :)

    I don't think Dave would recommend that much oxidative stress.
    Please email me instead of PM

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  • No, he definitely wouldn't consider a decent amount of my activities (whether athletic or recreational) to be bulletproof.   I don't strive to be bulletproof for bulletproof's sake (hell, I'm not really even bulletproof, just paleo), it's a means to an ends for me, and my ends are performance and fun!!

  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    You should do less of that cardio shit and do some more manly shit like lifting weights and swinging kettlebells.

  • lol I agree!  I've been radically changing my biking/running anyways; where i used to do 50+ on bike or 5-10 on foot, I'm doing like 1/3 that volume, and HIIT-esque variations in tempo :D

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