Silver Label (Update Please!)


~I'm a new bulletproof coffee drinker, and my first 3 bags (12oz) are almost done, (order'd from onnit)


~I seriously love the coffee and from now on will never drink anything but BP coffee and water. 


~I do not mind paying the 25$ Fedex shipping from onnit, as I can order other stuff as well as coffee, BUT I would like to support Dave directly!! 


~I would like to order this "Silver Label" but the last peep about it was December 9 / 2012 (0:40)


~In this video Dave says "What you just saw there was the bulletproof canadian silver label coffee, which will be shipping across canada very shortly" soooo what happened? does anyone have any more information than that? I would drink twice the amount if I could order 5lb bags (or  many 12oz bags lol) directly from


~ Regardless I will continue to support Dave in his quest, be it through or 


Stay bulletproof my friends (^  .  ^)/'



  • I just crunched the #'s and found that:


    from onnit - 5.25lb of coffee (seven 12 oz bags = 5.25lb)  is $132.65 + $49.35 (shipping&handling)  =  $182.00


    from - 5lb bag is $79.00 + $44.38 (shipping&handling)  =  $123.38


    It would appear that I will, in fact, be ordering directly from My original question still stands about silver label.. would be nice to save some of that massive shipping cost. I do understand that S&H costs are out of the control of the company for international orders, totally not complaining lol!! in fact I will be happy to pay the 44.38 to get toxin free coffee delivered to my front door in less than a week.


    Please update the bulletproof northern community on the Canadian distribution center!! even if it is bad news!!

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