Issues With Bp Coffee

Started drinking BP Coffee on Saturday, so 6 days so far, I use this the following:

2 TBSP Grounded Coffee + 500ml water (

2 TBSP Kerrygold Butter (Salted)


Now firstly I'm not overly into coffee to start with so the taste is just bearable and I know using salted butter is not reccomended however I can't find any unsalted grass fed butter in the UK, secondly I've been experiencing pain in my stomach at random times during the day while on the BP IF. Before starting on the coffee I wouldn't have breakfast before work - leaving at about 7am and not eat until maybe 12pm without any feelings of hunger. Now i'm not sure if these pains are hunger related or not. I continue fasting until about 5pm when I get in from work, the pain doesn't last all day, it basically comes and goes.

So I'm basically just wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences or knows how to solve this? ....Also in terms of taste, the coffee is fairly bitter, would using salted butter make much of a difference?

Any other comments/feedback is appreciated.


  • The only way it will taste decent with salted butter is with some steiva, but unsalted still tastes better.

    Have you been eating relatively lowfat untill starting the BP coffee?

    If so you might not be able to product the enzymes to digest the fat right away.

    Take some Betaine HCL with every meal (BP coffee counts as a meal) and you should be good within a bottle or two of it.
  • I second the betaine (or just eat some Borscht or pickled sugar beets - betaine is derived from beets url=""][/url). I would also suggest xylitol over stevia - I think stevia leaves a nasty aftertaste whereas the xylitol tastes better and will cause the calcium carbonate in the butter to rebuild your teeth's enamel.
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