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Alright, so I skipped BP coffee this morning before work and had some pastured bacon cooked at 200F in the oven, and 3  soft boiled eggs.  About 20 minutes after I finished it, I started to feel very sluggish.  I felt like I had pulled an all-nighter and ate nothing but fast food the day before (I have ate BP for at least 2 weeks in a row along with quality sleep).  I started to feel a little better about 2 hours later, but still sluggish and I just wanted to go to bed.  Luckily I packed some BP coffee before work in my thermos.  After I finished it, I feel invincible like I normally do.  


I honestly cannot believe how powerful this stuff is.  I will never skip my BP coffee or at least some Upgraded black coffee before I have something important to do again.  I can go without coffee sometimes and feel fine, but every once in a while, I feel awful.


Has anyone else had a day completely resurrected by BP coffee?


  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

    I would say a better baseline test would be just regular black coffee with your breakfast rather than cutting it out all together.  Even before I started having BP coffee every morning I still drank regular black coffee in the AM with breakfast.  Not having coffee in the AM is a horrible idea for me regardless if I have breakfast or not.

  • Yeah, I don't get anything done without coffee in the morning, whether it is just black or BP coffee. 


    I just feel like crap, and like you said, I just want to go to bed. 


    So, my day gets resurrected by BP coffee every morning!

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  • my whole life has been resurrected by BP coffee! lolz

  • Super NinjaSuper Ninja Master of Stealth

    I've been getting the opposite effect a couple of hours later. Like I've been hit by a bus. Could be I increased the MCT oil dosage too suddenly.

    Everything' better with butter...and bacon!

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