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  • This thread came up first on google but seems a bit outdated. Based on more recent studies a 1-2 micron carbon block faucet filter that is NSF-53 compliant should be sufficient for any public water in the US including Flint Michigan. Read more here:

  • Swift Green Filters provides best refrigerator water filters for almost all major brands. The quality of these water filters is superior and it helps in enhancing the quality of the drinking water. SGF GSWF is the best replacement for GE GSWF
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  • As mentioned above carbon block faucet filters or pithers that are NSF-53 compliant (remove lead among other things) should be sufficient for anyone with public water in North America or Europe. There's been a lot of innovation in this space lately with Tapp Water and Soma launching filters that are both extremely efficient and sustainable using organic materials with biodegradable cartriges.

  • Water is the essence of life. So, it is very important to have knowledge about its purification and water treatment with the effective tips and techniques. But reverse osmosis water filtration system with Charcoal filters are best to use. Recently I found the blog which will guide you more in detail.The Blog

  • It has been almost 2 years that I am working with water purification technologies and filtration process. People are not aware of the water quality, minerals, wastage and more.

    There is no best filter unless you know the type & quality of your water supply. A normal UF membrane or a highly advanced RO filter can go with your water source. It totally depends on the quality of your drinking water.

    While finding one best for me, I found a buying guide and top list of water filter in India. This guide is helpful and there are many other blogs which can help you find the best water filter for your use. Here is the link to the post -

    Helping people to make a pure environment inside and out.

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  • Your basic two choices are to go with a carbon filter (like what it used in your basic Brita filters and such) or a reverse osmosis filter.

    Carbon filters are cheap and easy, but only filter particles down to around 5-10 microns in size. Reverse osmosis are more expensive and require more space, but filter down to .0001 microns, and give you virtually totally dead water.

    I purchased and installed this guy last year. About $50 and an easy DIY install that takes about an hour.

    I had called a couple of companies to get quotes on having them supply and install a unit, and they were in the $900 range for a unit that's not as good as the one I bought and easily did myself for $50.

  • There are There are a lot of water purifiers having different water purification Technologies like RO UV and UF water purification technologies available in the market. Some water purifiers also comes with a TDS controller which basically helps you to control the TDS of water so that the essential minerals will remain in the water which makes the water healthy and tasty.
    What kind of water purifier would be ideal for you is really depends upon the quality of the water you are currently using.
    I have found a very helpful list of all the the best water purifier having different water purification technologies here:

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  • Thanks for talk, I have got enough reviews on filters. Kindly check on

  • Great selection of topic here. Thanks for this. And almost my all confusion is fulfilled after reading the comments below. Now you can also check out Best water purifier in India . Thanks again.

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