Rotation Diet W/food Allergies

Hi Dave- I'm a big fan of your work and I'm very grateful for your podcasts, guests and all the information sharing you do. Thank you so much. I'm curious about your suggestions for people who cannot tolerate ANY buter or ghee and have developed food allergies and intolerances to good fats such as coconut and avocados due to overconsumption. I've been guilty my whole life of having a diet that isn't varied enough and subsequently develop allergies to those over-consumed foods. What are your suggestions for those who need to follow a rotating diet but want to be bulletproof and to those who are allergic to coconut, avocado and butter/ghee/dairy? Right now the only good omega 3 fat i have left to put in my coffee in cacao butter and I struggle all day to get enough fat in my diet from other good fats/oils. The bulletproof diet is very simple. I found myself eating the same handful of things every day . I'm worried that if I keep that up I'll end up in the same spot all over again with a whole new set of off-limit foods.


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