Not Feeling Well..why?

Hi All,

This week I decided to start intermittent fasting along with having the Bulletproof Coffee during the fast portion. During the fast, I feel ok, although a little hungry, and I make a few too many trips to the bathroom (Guess the stomach doesn't agree the coffee). I also take the Betatine HCL when I drink the coffee,have Krill Oil in the morning, and Glutathione (purchased here) upon waking.

I usually break my fast around 5PM but the problem I am having is that about an hour after eating I have major stomach cramps and break out into a sweat. Last night it was steak and beef jerky (grass-fed), and tonight it was hamburger (grass-fed) and bacon. I have been eating paleo for awhile now and never had any issues with those food combinations.

Any thoughts?


  • Forgot to add, I have a light feeling of nausea during the day too.
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