Substituting Mct Oil With Coconut Oil

I have eaten / drunk coconut oil and butter for the past months and am wondering whether adding MCT oil to my diet would make an impact. Or is it possible to entirely substitute with coconut oil / butter?


  • I think both have their purpose.

    MCT is just better for immediate affects for thermogenic effect and energy. I tend to use both. I prefer both in Bulletproof Coffee, MCT oil for pre-workout energy and Coconut Oil for cooking (or anything needing slight flavor).
    Life is one giant experiment.
  • Thanks! Do you feel that without MCT something would be missing from your diet?
  • Id watch out a little with the coconut oil. Ive had some really bad reactions, stomach pain, and intestinal problems, from having like 40g coconut oil a day. Really odd and sometimes a bit scary. Id say MCT is a bit safer..
  • I just bought some coconut oil from Vitamin Cottage (love them, by the way - they keep anything with oil in refrigerators, like nuts, whole grains, granolas, etc so the risk of getting rancid crap is much reduced). Locations are mostly in the west:

    The coconut oil is on sale from about $9 to $7 and is from Nature's Way and states right on the front that it is 62% MCTs, so that might be a good compromise between others that seem to be about 1/3 MCTs and full-on MCT oil. This is the product so you can have a peek:
  • 'Frank' wrote:

    Thanks! Do you feel that without MCT something would be missing from your diet?

    Sorry for my late response.

    For taste/fat macronutrient purposes, no. Coconut Oil is cheaper and an easy replacement.

    For performance/supplement uses, it's definitely an important part of my pre-workout regimen. I've seen great results using MCT Oil for a performance improvement.
    Life is one giant experiment.
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