Intermittent Fasting & Workout Time

I am just starting out with BP diet and I am super excited! I have been strict paleo for about 6 months now, but looking to kick it up a notch. I have been doing IF once a week, 24 hour fast.


My only question about switching to the 16/8 window is workout time. I know it is recommended to lift heaving right before your first feed, but I work 9-6 and can't exactly get a workout in during the middle of the day. What do others do? I really like working out in the am. I usually do sprints fasted, but will have 1 egg/1 tbsp coconut oil before a strength workout. Would the best time to workout be before the second feed, so that I can refuel? Again, I prefer to workout in the AM - and I am more likely to workout if I do! Is it okay to just have BP coffee right after a weight session and then just wait to eat until 1 or 2?


Thanks in advance!


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    of course it's 'ok', but if you want to maximize your adaptation to your training (ie take advantage of progressive-overloading principles ie 'progress') then you should time your fueling around it, period.  

    another thing i want to mention is that, for me, there's very little good 'executive functioning' in me after training; i could not imagine trying to get a serious workout in before getting my work for the day over with.  I'd definitely 'vote' that you just suck it up and train later in the day, and just be stricter w/ yourself about doing it if you're having trouble w/ motivation.  


    something I cannot ascertain from your post is why this is a bp concern?  going from strict paleo to bp shouldn't be causing this issue, is this just an issue you've had for 6mo but haven't worked out yet?


    [edit: since getting into cyclical ketosis, i've found i'm sharper during my fasted-mornings.  I tend to get things done in the same time period you'd mentioned, and I cannot speak highly enough for the fast-while-working, then break it with heavy training followed by heavy feedings.  There's a very distinct difference in attention, mood etc before/after for me, and after having worked it to this point I couldn't imagine eating before 5-7ish, or working out hard during the day before i'm done w/ what needs doing.  I DO get workouts in during the day very very often, but these are not hard sessions in any sense; for example, maybe something like a medium-paced 1-1.5mi run in the afternoon w/ a 2nd coffee/bcaa's to break my day up, yknow?)

  • "Again, I prefer to workout in the AM - and I am more likely to workout if I do! Is it okay to just have BP coffee right after a weight session and then just wait to eat until 1 or 2?"


    that's not a scheduling conflict and is absolutely something he should suck up (IMO), yes.  Your case means you gotta choose between work, altering your sleep schedule (unless your shifts vary), or "ideal" scheduling.  I'd choose work and I hope you would, too.  He doesn't have to choose if he works a 9-6.

  • Thanks for all the responses. As far as going from paleo to BP - what I am switching up - is taking out breakfast (since I was literally eating it out of the fact that it was breakfast, not because I was hungry) - and switching it out with BP coffee and IF. When I had breakfast, I was able to workout in the AM because I would that as my recovery meal, even have a small pre-workout if lifting early.


    I will strive now to workout right after work, and right before my last meal. Sometimes I don't have a choice due to work scheduling, but on those days I will stick to my sprints in the AM.

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    Earlier the better - I can never do morning workouts, but I have slowly pushed my lunch hour to a lunch 1:15 and do crossfit style routines.  If you do a morning workout... I would recommend sticking with just the coffee and supplementing BCAA's every 2 hours... then have a large meal at lunch.  


    Even if you can't get to a gym, there is no excuse not to switch up your clothes and do a quick workout.  When I am on the road, I don't have access to weights so I do exercises like:


    1 set For time:


    50 Jump Squats  (body weight)

    50 Pushups (body weight)

    50 Jumping Burpees w/ High Knees (bodyweight)

    50 Box Jumps (use a chair or table)


    I can do this pretty easily in under 10 minutes and it primes your entire system to shuttle your meal into muscle rather than fat.  Interestingly enough, doing this for a week in Boston improved my Sumo deadlift by 70lbs -  Currently at a 385lbs PR.


    Another great one if you have a chin-up bar and are really short on time is:


    2 Rounds:  A good Target time - 5 minutes


    30 Burpees

    30 Pull Ups

    30 Jump Squats


    And there is always your 2pood kettle bell swings.

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