Funny Story

I went to Whole Foods Market yesterday to get some MCT oil (they don't carry it!) and as I was walking up to the oils section this other guy was also walking over and asked the clerk working the department if they had MCT oil. The clerk had no idea what MCT oil was, but tried to say coconut oil is the same thing as mct oil. I walked up and said I was also looking for mct oil also and while coconut oil does have medium chain fatty acids it was not the same thing as the more concentrated pharmaceutical grade MCT oil. The other guy looking for oil said to me "For the coffee?" I said "oh yeah, bulletproof all the way." The poor clerk looked confused, but to her credit asked what it was all about in case more people asked about MCT oil. So I happily explained what I had been learning about the bulletproof diet until she literally backed away at the words "saturated fat is not bad".

Anyway, it was a hoot to run into a fellow member of the bulletproof club that speaks "the language".
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