Have A Good Recipe Using Turkey Chopped Meat?


  • LOL..  I've run out of that... need to use my ground turkey lol

  • Just make a stir-fry with no rice and use the ground turkey like you would some other meat.  Ginger and garlic make great stir-fries.  I found out that you can stir-fry spinach and kale like you would any other veg you just need to put the lid on the fry pan.  Remember to add the oil last, frying Chinese style using only water so the fat can't oxidize   

  • curious.....how do you get the veggies/meat not to stick to the pan if you are not using oil?

  • Well, I use a non stick fry pan (though lately I question the wisdom of that).  I started having my beef stock in place of the water to add.  So basically you have in the pan water and ginger and garlic then add the vegetables in order of what takes the longest to cook.  To get it to not cook I usually have the heat on med high and am stirring constantly (unless I am stir frying Kale or spinach which I have to have the cover on, which has become a new fave vegetable).  Keep stir frying and add the water if it ever sticks.  I posted a Hakka style recipe that is pretty good, and you can also try using whole cumin seeds to make a Jerra beef type taste, so that would have coriander and cumin.  Try adding tumeric too but be careful working with that is stains clothing badly.

  • Well, I use a non stick fry pan (though lately I question the wisdom of that).  

     Yea, I wouldn't use those.... I use cast iron or stainless steel.. my cast iron is my go-to though.. I guess I'd probably have to start my burners on low... I have a commercial grade range and that sucker gets very hot very quickly!!!

  • Dave uses enamel, it doesn't release iron/nickel.
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