How To Bulletproof The Cat?

I read Dave's article about bulletproofing his Dachshund, and it got me thinking about my cats.


One especially is very overweight and she has trouble jumping and climbing because of it. Seeing as cats are obligate carnivores, I'm guessing that raw grass-fed meat would be a good place to start (ground beef or lamb). I'm sure she'd enjoy some raw salmon too.


What about MCT oil - would that be good for cats and if so, how much?





  • I will be interested to hear how your cat goes being BP. Mine is so fussy that he won't even eat raw meat or if he does he will only have one small piece. He does love prawns though. He only eats dried food an occassionally a tin of tuna in springwater (not cat food only the human variety). I have switched him to grain free dried food though.

  • Great topic. I am trying hard to get our cats to eat more of a raw paleo diet. One cat loves raw mince, the other hates it. I have tried ready made BARF but neither cat likes it. Sadly they are addicted to dried food.


    It is tough though when they have been eating the wrong foods for so long. I would prefer to just switch the diet 100% but my partner wants to try and adjust them to the new diet and it is taking quite a long time and not much success so far. Hopefully this thread can provide some tips for all.

  • I would feed it hearts lungs kidneys some liver. And give it some days of fasting
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    The simplest thing to do is probably switch to grain-free, high end kibble if you want to continue feeding kibble. I'm a dog person but I've spent the last 9 months raising 3 foster kittens and they eat about 70% canned salmon (for humans, and surprisingly cheap, often cheaper than canned cat food, which is basically overpriced, nutritionally worthless shit, not to put too fine a point on it) and 30% this: . Make sure to get the salmon with skin and bones included. Orijen isn't cheap but it's worth it imo - my dogs eat a little of it but mostly are on straight bones/meat/organs etc. Get to know a good local butcher and they'll often give you a lot of this stuff free or almost free.


    Also, if anyone would like a spectacularly glowing with health cat, let me know. I'm keeping one but 2 need homes. :)

  • My partner is concerned with her cats choking on the bones. To me it makes some sense because they wouldn't have had them before, unlike your kittens who have had them since they were young. Any thoughts?

  • The salmon they use for canned salmon (I buy the cheapest, no-name brand of pink salmon - but as mentioned it's for humans, so it's fine) are not the big ones. The bones are small - and a lot of the bones are those small, round spinal bones which I really don't think could ever cause a choking issue with a cat (they just swallow em whole). As for the long, thin bones, I don't really see any big enough to cause an issue. You could try watching the cat the first few times, just in case something happens. Don't feed them in a situation (i.e. next to each other) when they're going to feel the need to inhale the food as fast as possible, either. You could also buy canned deboned salmon - slightly more expensive but do the actual math on canned cat food - you get a very tiny amount for often $2-$3 of those brands like Fancy Feast in the small cans, it really is often cheaper to feed them straight human grade salmon. Which is a joke, but there it is.


    My 'bulletproof' kittens got into a box of donuts a friend left on the counter this afternoon - ate a couple of them (cats? donuts? who knew?) so the little bastards are on cold gravel for the next few days, ;)

  • StLoStLo

    Once my cat was overweight too. He was a neutered cat and that's why he wasn't really active. A veterinarian advised to change his diet and play with the cat more. It wasn't hard to change his food. I read about the top 10 best cat food for sensitive stomach on PetsTiger which actually helped a bit. And to make it more active I bought a bunch of toys, balls. Even a high cat tree. He couldn't get used to it but finally, he started playing with it.

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