All-You-Can-Eat Buffets

golden corral, salad bars, asian style buffets?


What is the bulletproof approach to this?



  • katolotuskatolotus ✭✭✭

    Look for the butter dish ;-)


    Can't be much at an 'All you can eat'.


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  • I must admit I found myself at such a place and minimized damage by eating nothing but meat and vegetables.  Best thing would have been to do something like that and also to follow the detox protocol after.

  • Stay away from Sunday buffets if you want fresh food, especially the meats.  Sunday buffet = stuff that didn't sell all week. (Source:  4 Hour Chef by Tim Ferris).

  • Absolutely, Steve.  When it comes to restaurant food, the "specials" are almost always because of anticipated spoilage.  Take along some activated charcoal proportionate to the amount of food that you consume to try and soak up toxins.  The next morning, you will want to take a large dose of Upgraded Glutathione to combat the toxins that the charcoal did not pick up. 

  • It's funny, I actually ate at a Hometown Buffet with my baseball team this week (didn't have a choice). 


    I stuck to meats and vegetables, and I felt okay afterwards. It's obviously not high quality food, but I guess there's always a way to make the best out of your situation. Try to make educated choices so that you don't go off the rails completely.



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  • Does anyone here actually go "ham" on the meats and veggies in buffets? I certainly did during my time in Vegas

  • SkeletorSkeletor The Conqueror Worm ✭✭✭

    I used to LOVE eating at buffets. The food didn't even have to be that good. Breakfasts at Golden Corral and Hometown Buffet? Aww yeah. The excitement of seeing what variety of foods any given buffet would serve up for lunch or whatever? I loved that I could eat as much as I wanted of anything they had on offer. The variety was great and most buffets around here are pretty laid back affairs. Don't even get me started on the local pizza buffets... even as a kid I remember eating a couple pies on my own, several tall glasses of soda and desserts.


    It's kind of sad, actually. When I look back at it, none of that food was doing me a bit of good, and was only contributing to my unhappiness. Frequenting these sorts of places on the regular when you've got a binge eating thing going on or an emotional relationship with food is dangerous. Certainly made me a miserable fatass.


    As to the bulletproofness of such places? I mean, if it's a high quality buffet, you could almost get away with it if you took a buttload of charcoal and whatnot. Stick to the leaner meats, preferably without sauces. Look to see if they have steamed veggies or a salad bar. If you feel like making it a carb refeed, most buffets will have some kind of fresh fruit or white rice or baked potatoes. You're unlikely to find anything grassfed or organic, but if your diet is on-point most of the time and you don't dive head-first into the desserts and fried chicken, you'll probably be all right.

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  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    At one job I had, the managers were trying to butter us up, so they took us to a very expensive high-star rated hotel buffet.

    There were lobsters, smoked salmon, loads of good stuff. I guess that would be an almost BP buffet, but it was very expensive! Like $100 per head!

  • Korean BBQ buffets are the best, especially the one by my house that has all-you-can eat bulgogi. Since going bulletproof, I now eat there once in a blue moon.






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