Protein Shakes For Breakfast?

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I'm interested in peoples experience or opinions on protein shakes for breakfast?


I know they are typically used as a post workout meal replacement, But what are the effects when used as a morning meal replacement? Anybody done so and track their ketone's? Or possibly any theory's on the effect of protein shakes on ketosis? Will it keep you from being hungry until your 8 hour feeding window? Or are you better off just going without the fast and making a real breakfast with BP foods?

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  • The liver will convert protein to sugar for fuel. So as soon as you drink your protein shake you will be out of ketosis. The intermittent fasting concept is not eating again after your dinner meal, and sleeping for 6-8 hours of your fast. then drinking a quality source of fat (Bulletproof coffee) so that you body learns there is plenty of energy and begins to metabolize fat instead of breaking done your muscle protein during your fast. I have found my appetite totally satisfied while I am at work for 8 hour just with BP coffee.


    You could try your protein shake as a before bed meal or to break your fast later in the day or to supplement what ever meal you are eating.

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    Bumping this up again guys.


    I've been researching into the topic more. Specifically about onnit's Hemp force and BP's upgraded whey. So far what I've found (all tho i'm unsure of the reliability of the sources) is that even tho these two products do contain protein and carbs, that are suppose to AVOID spikes in insulin. 


    I understand that no matter what, protein or whey powders WILL knock you out of ketosis, But what I want to know is would it still be better having an upgraded whey shake for breakfast than having poached eggs with avocado?


    The problem is I simply can't handing the butter in my coffee. It makes me sick (even after two weeks :( ) I thought about sticking to the BP coffee with MCT oil and replacing the butter with coconut milk, But that kind of defeats the purpose and would knock me out of ketosis anyway.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. the BP diet is great! But I've noticed weight loss (and even more so, mental clarity) have slowed and decreased repsectively since switching from BP coffee to eggs and avo breakfasts. (I lost 5kgs in the first two weeks, now i've only lost 1kg, i've probably put a very small amount of weight on due to muscle but even still the weight loss has slowed since no more BP coffee. Lunches and dinners stay the same every day, lunch boiled cabbage with skinless roasted chicken shreds dinner GF steak 240g lots of veggies, everything cooked in coconut oil and GF butter)

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  • Gonna give you the same advice I got when I had the same problem with BP coffee..

    Best thing to do is  just power through the discomfort, or take a betaine HCI with the coffee. Took a while for me to adjust to the coffee but now it is almost the best part of the day!! really seems to make a huge diffrence in my "overall sense of feeling goood"

    I just started with less butter and mct and built it up during a couple of weeks

  • Fast for breakfast its good for you.
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  • I would recommend either fasting or eating a meal high in fat.


    A protein shake will definitely kick you out of ketosis, and it is not optimal for breakfast.



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  • I find that taking meals in liquid form counterproductive: you are hungry soon after consumption and on the prowl for things to cheat on.  I`d say eat eggs, at least 3 for breakfast.  I got in the habit of this with 4HB and don`t see why it is not bulletproof.  I soft boil mine so the yoke is barely cooked sprinkle shallots on it, maybe some butter or mct oil.  It doesn`t take long and I am not hungry till lunch.

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    I sometimes substitute morning coffee with some coconut milk with some whey. Consuming some fat with it slows the speed of absoption and bodys response to it. Works fo me.

  • As a new member I am really curious as to why having a protein shake throws you out of ketosis. Would this be the case even with a plain grass fed whey protein shake with say 3g of carbs? It is something that perplexed me reading the rapid fat loss protocol as I always thought having mainly protein with no more than 10g of carbs would keep you in ketosis. I am so sorry if I am being a bit of a dizzy lizzy but I would love to understand why pure protein would still throw you out of ketosis. Also, has anyone tried ketosis if RFLP with say on day 3each week adding a meal or shake of pure protein? Kind regards to you all x
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    Protein can be converted to sugar by the liver. So it's not the carbs/sugar of a specific protein powder, but the protein itself. Though the carbs/sugar will do it too. A couple grams of protein probably wouldn't do much, but a full protein shake is more likely to. 


    Unrelated, I have not heard the term dizzy lizzy before. 

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    Hi Matilda,

    Your body can convert protein into glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis. Some people can eat a little protein and it won't affect ketosis much and some can't.


  • Thank you for explaining that.

    I honestly thought after reading low carb diet books a while ago, that all ketosis happened when you ate protein but extremely low carb.

    Well, that had given me a much clearer idea now why Dave has no carb or protein on RFLP.

    Really appreciate the explaination and shows why intermittent fasting until 2as I have been doing is so good.

    Have clearer picture now thank you x
  • P.s I am a crazy daisy who skips into other realms so can be dizzy lizzy too in this fruit loopy world but on my little journey to becoming bulletproof Betty I hope! :-)
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    Tim Ferriss recommends 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking in the morning. A protein shake can easily deliver this. 

    It would also help with doing a leptin reset where you need 50-70g of protein within 30 minutes of waking. (a la Jack Kruse)

  • so, this question might just show my ignorance, but if your someone who cant do the intermittent fasting due to adrenal problems, and having a somewhat labor intensive job, eating 6-7 eggs with a bit of leafy greens and some fatty bacon, or pieces of liver will insure that you never get the benefits of ketosis?

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    I don't know the nitty gritty details, but generally to be in ketosis you lower your carbs. You can still eat protein and be in ketosis.

    RFLP, ketosis, and IF are all three different things.
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