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    Bitcoin is something new and different, and there's no point in getting into it now. Also no one knows who created it.

  • Hello, as far as I see this discussion is quite old. Earlier bitcoin was far more expensive and popular. Now it is not so relevant. But there are some new opportunities for people, who want to get bitcoins. For example. lotteries on

  • You know, bitcoin is not so prospective currency anymore. It is already very expensive. Moreover, there are a lot of ICO projects nowadays. It is better to invest in them. If you are not good at it, will help you at the beginning

  • Cryptocurrency and in particular Bitcoin have already passed their strength test. The price bubble has burst, but people continue to use cryptocurrency. Internet trade and entertainment industries have received a new round of development. For example, online casinos are much easier to provide no deposit free codes for bovegas in cryptocurrency. It attracts new customers. I hope I will see a special crypto card during my lifetime.

  • Unfortunately, today bitcoin already is not something new, it is pretty well-known currency, especially for IT addicted people. That's why every day more and more people are trying to invent some way to steal someone's money, as in real life. I want to try more safe wallet for my coins, and my friends have suggested me the lumi wallet, have you alredy heard about it? What can you recommend?

  • er yderst seriøs over online casinoer. Vi gør alt for at sikre, at vores værdifulde samfund oplever det bedste i branchen. er Danmarks største guide-side for online gambling-entusiaster. Er det værd at vide og om casinoer? Du finder det her.

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