Does The Butter In Bulletproof Coffee Break If And Ketosis



  • More background on my question. I consumed BPC post workout for a week during which I practiced IF, had an overall caloric deficit, and was aggresively physically active (weight training, HIIT cardio, steady state cardio). There was no change in my BF% or BW over the course of this period.


    Practicing IF and eating a bulletproof/paleo diet can lead to an overall caloric deficit fairly easily, ultimately resulting in metabolic damage. HIIT while in a fasted state has proven to encourage fat oxidation and increase and/or restore BMR. If in fact, consuming BPC hinders lipolysis (when consumed pre or post workout), my concern is that this could negate or limit the desired benefits (weight loss, etc). Since BPC is the cornerstone of the Bulletproof philosophy, I would assume that understanding its effect on lipolysis and metabolism would be of interest to any non-sedentary practitioners

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    I know that extended periods in a caloric deficit can lead to metabolic damage (slowed BMR, lower Leptin levels, etc). That isn't the point or the question. Forget the caloric deficit for a minute, since everyone seems to focus on that in here. The gist of the question is, will the body stop or slow lipolysis in the presence of dietary fat? If yes, then it would seem that the timing of BPC consumption is critical in relation to a workout that is intended to increase fat oxidation (e.g., HIIT).

  • Really interesting. I am adding natural almond milk to the coffee.

    @Jason Miller said:
    What about additives/flavors to the BP coffee?  I have been using cinnamon and I just got my first bag of Upgraded Vanilla.  Sometimes I like to use about 2-3 tablespoons of cooking coconut milk.


    Any of these will stop ketosis? None of these are fats and I had heard that as long as it was in small quantities it wouldn't make a difference.




    run a test and do two weeks with and 2 weeks without, record as many data points as possible ie. weight, bodyfat, energy levels, hunger times, emotional states etc., the easy answer is these items won't be an issue or stop ketosis, might stop autophagy, the top level bp coffee iteration is just butter and mct and goes down from there.

  • As Dave states, drink BPC, does NOT break the fast

  • Hi all,
    New to Keto and this forum. I put whipping cream in my morning tea - does that break the fast?

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