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  • I am also testing this hormone imbalance trend and it is somewhat confusing at times. W/o pharma care being involved, it is a journey of trial and error and being very in tune with your body is really the key to treating this.


    I am mostly on BPD bc it's loaded with obvious health benefits bc weightloss for me now just doesn't seem like it's going to happen as fast as everyone. I am hopeful that sometime in the near future, the BPD will settle in body just right and that my metabolism will start to work normally once again.


    I would ditch the pill and would start a supplemt of iodione. After getting off the pill I lost my cycle for 1 yr and I brought it back into my system by eating lots and lots of leaf green raw veggies and juicing with parsley, cilantro, and organice blackberries raspeberries, and strawberries. That told me that the pill did not regulate anything for me but instead it made my body dependent on it.


    Here are some links to iodine info:








    Also- if you're worried for BC reasons then take Neem capsules. I know some people who take it and love that it has no hormonal side effects and it really does prevent preganacies (used in countries where women can't afford to buy BC). Check out the link below.




    Hope some helps us...and I'll be checking back on the topic to find out more. Best wishes everyone!

  • Drinking*

    The biggest issue I come across.. everything, I mean everything has drinking involved with it.  I experienced an anxiety attack as a result of a big night the next day- absolutely brutal.  Makes me want to quit all alchohol after that.  Then I start seeing what we have lineup up socially in the days and weeks ahead- its boozefest 2013 every week.  I woudnt hear the end of it without having a drink- thats what I am trying to prepare myself for.  In all honesty, its a national/worldwide epidemic, and most of us are on board without thinking twice.  

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    I agree with the talk about the Pill, you made the right choice. My girlfriend quit taking birth control pills after her own research with the possibility of permanent hormonal damage from taking it longer than 6 years. 


    But, as far as stress management.. It really starts with how you begin your day. If you wake up in a stressed state, it releases adrenaline and sets you up for a "short fuse" for the rest of the day. Combine that with your aforementioned perfectionism and (probably) racing thoughts at night, and you will go crazy!


    Change your alarm tone to a peaceful song or something that is intended to help you. SonicAid makes some great songs and CD's that are on iTunes for relaxation, concentration etc. It helps!


    Essential oils nearby wouldn't be a bad idea, eucalyptus, orange and lavender are pretty good choices for most!! No patchouli, LOL.

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  • i think i need to get the hormone cure as well. I took the "normal" pill with estrogen for maybe 4 years until it made me extremely sick after I started losing weight. Then I went on the progesterone only pill which i have been taking maybe for the last 5 years.


    I have a lot of stress issues as well which I am working hard to stop. Meditation has been one of the most helpful so far. I am scheduled in to get some EEG neurofeedback in the near future which I hope will help as well (i was diagnosed with severe depression around 4-5 years ago stemming back from when I was a teenager)


    With regards to support - I realised a long time ago, that if you want to go out on a limb in investigating ideas and concepts that are different, you will for the most part meet people who are not supportive - even the people closest to me do not get on board. Their reasons for that are up to them, but as long as they don't completely impede my mission, then I just have to get on with it.


    Most things I have done in my life, drumming, judo, paleo/bulletproof diet move, even getting an excersise physiologist to help me out with my movement since I am so unbalanced, has met with such strange opposition from some people which I find hard to comprehend. I am pretty used to it now and just accept it as part of the deal. The best part is when they see you improve and then have to go and eat their own words with a side of humble pie.

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