Spent A Week In Nyc

I just spent a week in NYC and in order to stay BP, I just ate sockeye salmon, avocado, and harmless harvest coconut water (cold pressed - it's the best one in a bottle) every day, and 100% cacao organic chocolate and strawberries every now and then.

I skipped coffee, except one day I found a coffee shop that sold single-o, locally roasted. They didn't know how it was processed. They also had milk there that was pastured only, which was cool. It was a small chain (I think it was small) called Think Coffee.

I lost 1.3kg in this week, lol. I'm glad to be home though. I want some beef and bacon! :)



  • Sounds like a dull vacation...Live a little and eat out.80/20 rule especiall on vacation

  • It wasn't a vacation, it's business as usual for me. Also, I want to stick to my BP diet as much as I can. I've lost 65 lbs in 100 days. I'm not going back! While I know my body can handle me eating out a bit, I don't know how my psychology will cope. I liken it to a smoker who has just quit and been clean for 100 days, and saying "ahh it's just one cigarette". It's never just one. So I'm staying BP and not going back :D

  • Good work man I find it fun as hell to eat BP while away from home. Occasionally I will fail so I always have the Activated Charcoal handy just in case. 

  • Oh man. When I went to NYC last month for three days I ate anything I wanted. Bacon wrapped hotdogs. Numerous airplane mojitos. A bourbon peanut butter pie milk shake (twice) with a burger and fries at 5 am. A duck gyro. Cheesecake. More cheesecake. Tuna tartar(s). Humus. More humus. General Tao's Chicken with a bowl of GMO rice lol Etc. etc. A little business but mostly pleasure. I also walked almost all day, every day. If I was just sitting around a pool, I would have inflated. Came back to Miami and got right back on my BP lifestyle and lost the excess weight in a couple days. It was worth it.  :cool:


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  • On the contrary though, NYC has got to be one of the easiest cities to stay BP on vacation if you really wanted to though. There's vegetables on almost every corner and numerous Whole Foods. 


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  • Tips in NYC:

    Hudson & Charles Butcher Shop, West Village, Manhattan.

    Grass fed and finishd everything. Great prices ($7/pound ground beef). I also ate raw liver and pancreas. Wow. Quality stuff. Never frozen, straight from the slaughterhouse.

    They also sell pasture raised eggs ($6 / dozen) and local butter (salted and unsalted).

    Also to note in NYC - Trader Joes sells a local grass-fed butter "Kriemhild Dairy Farm". Salted only. It's great tho!


    Check out Porto Rico Coffee an Tea, as well as McNulty's. Look up pictures.. CLASSIC place to check out! 


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    Siggy's Good Food in NOHO (North of Houston) is a great, casual, and fairly priced all organic restaurant.  I customize some of their options to remove carbs and they have no problem with it.  Can be a little on the "hippy" sort of vibe, but I highly recommend it.


    Bareburger (NYC chain with multiple locations) is great.  100% organic everything, grass fed beef, plus other meat options like Bison, etc.  I order the grass fed burger without bun and a side green salad.

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