Waking Up

I have always had trouble waking up when I wanted, even if I was well-rested. Does anyone have any suggestions for waking up with energy when I want?

The only things that make me spring out of bed are crying babies and sirens. In college, I even wrote an alarm clock program that would play a random clip of a siren at a set time in order to not oversleep.

Crying babies and sirens are not spouse-friendly though, and I would love some suggestions.


  • I am interested in any replies as well. I can never for the life of me wake up nicely rested and spend the entire day like I only slept 3-4 hours when I always clock in 7-8 hours. No trouble falling asleep though. On the weekends when I get to sleep in, I again wake up groggy and park myself on the couch.
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