Eating Bulletproof at the Workplace - need tips



  • I've done eggs and salmon, but never combined them. Might have to try that sometime...

    Men are undoubtedly more in danger from prosperity than adversity.  For when matters go smoothly, they flatter themselves, and are intoxicated by their success.  ~John Calvin



  • I drive around all day so do many of the above mentioned things. I also keep sardines handy and since it's just me I don't care if they stink!! I was recently (like 3 days ago!) introduced to Epic bars (grass fed buffalo or lamb bars). Preserved, gluten free, minimal ingredients. Although most of them have cranberries which brings the carbs up to 9g, they taste delicious! A bit pricey but it's 3 oz and something to tide me over if I need something quick and get bored of salmon and salad and eggs, etc.

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